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Easter Celebrations in Denmark

The religious component of Easter is secondary for the majority of Danes. Easter in Denmark means a break for many. The religious element of Easter has more or less disappeared in modern Denmark.

Easter Celebration in Denmark

Easter celebrations in Denmark

When it comes to Easter feasts food and drinks, no one does it better than the Danes.

Easter lunches exuberates lavishness in Denmark, and platters are filled with aromatic herring, salmon, eggs and lamb. It is also coupled with schnapps and brew. Very meaty affair which also goes fishy. And the best part is, Denmark also has its own Easter beer, brewed by Tuborg®. It was first brewed over a 100 years ago, and falls in the must-to-try list, if you are in the region at the time.

A Danish Easter letter

There is another tradition unique to Denmark. They send anonymous letters, more of teasers, with a riddle, so that the receiver can guess the senders name. It is typically signed with dots, with the number of dots being the same as the sender’s name. If the receiver successfully guesses the name, he gets a chocolate egg from the receiver. If he cannot, then the sender’s name is revealed, and the receiver has to give a chocolate egg to the sender. The letter is generally decorated with vintergækker (snow drops) at the edges.

Easter in Denmark

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