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Easter Celebrations in Norway

What a wonderful time for the Norwegian Easter holidays! In spring comes Easter, one of the most famous holidays in the Norwegian calendar. In fact, Norway has the longest official Easter holiday in the world.

Easter Celebration in Norway

Easter celebrations in Norway

When rest of the world concentrates primarily on the decoration and activities for Easter celebration, Norway is almost obsessed with Crime stories (PĂ„skekrim), that are published at this time and make the headlines. Reading these books comes natural to Norwegians, almost as natural as eating eggs and chicken at this time. This, dos not however, mean they go low key on the gastronomical pleasures, for, right after finishing the crime stories/novel, Easter is celebrated with friends and family with large family lunches and dinners. The modern cuisines make way for the traditional dishes, which comprises boiled vegetables and potato, combined with lamb meat, mostly in the steak form. Easter beer never forgets to accompany the main course, so that food is washed down easily.

There is a traditional outdoor activity too. Norwegians make mountain trips in groups to enjoy the fresh sunshine and chill, and to ski. A chocolate bar, which contains layers of chocolate over a crispy wafer, has reached unmatched popularity, and is consumed in huge numbers at this time. It is also known as Kvikk Lunsj. Oranges, which is the fresh produce of the season, are also consumed.

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