Capricorn (December 23 - January 20)

You were born under the sign of Capricorn and are known by others to be the type of person who has your feet planted firmly on the ground. Always practical and cautious in everything you do, you are extremely self-contained and at times this bothers you; you wish it could be otherwise. It takes you quite a while to open up emotionally and express your deeper feelings. You would rather be a little suspicious and take your time in getting to know someone rather than making blunders by being too impulsive. Click to know about how they fare with other signs in the cosmic compatibility cycle.

Zodiac Sign of Capricorn


The may seem like a strange match at first, but once they learn to respect each other's strengths and weaknesses, they can be the best of friends. Of course, it's important to get past an initial sense of competition and agree to be on the same platform on certain aspects for both. There may be completely different ways of achieving their needs met, but in the end, the effort will remain fruitful. This combination requires discipline, motivation, and will require the support of compatible Moon and Ascendant signs. While not as easy as some other partnerships might be, you both share the bonding experience of being ahead of your time and a world apart from the rest of humanity. It's a perfect match.  Top


There is much in common between a Capricorn and Taurus. They often share the same values and tastes. This is the kind of relationship that just feels right and takes less effort than most. The two has a talent to do very well as a team in both business and personal relationships. This is generally a very pleasant combination, whether for business, pleasure, or found in family relationships. This can be a wonderful, long lasting partnership that will benefit the two of you and the community you live in. It's a perfect match!  Top


This is a strangely seductive combination one that might not last, but is sure to be interesting. Often, there is a karmic connection that brings the two together and forces the Sea Goat to deal with issues you have been avoiding, which will surely be appreciated later. This is by no means the easiest combination in the Zodiac, but it can teach both of them a great deal while it lasts. Neither is particularly sentimental so this may not be all that long, for Gemini will chafe under a firm rein and the Sea Goat will be dismayed by the high-strung Twins' erratic and disorganized approach. However, when more harmonious Moon and Ascendant aspects are present, this relationship will flow much more naturally. Either way, by learning to respect each other's strengths and differences, this can be a rewarding association. This is not a match made in heaven.  Top


When you connect with the tender Crab, all tends to be well with the world. Sure, they may have tense and tearful moments, but overall this is usually a case of two people being stronger and happier together than they would be apart. As long as they can learn to respect and appreciate their fundamental differences, this should be a long and prosperous partnership. Cancer is ruled by the moody but nurturing Moon and thereby earns the reputation of being the Mother of the Zodiac. Sea-Goat, on the other hand, is influenced by patriarchal Saturn, and is symbolized by the stern Father. Because Cancer is a Water Sign and Capricorn is an Earth Sign, sexual communication is marvellous, but even if they don't choose to raise children, living things will all thrive under their joint care and can do very well as a team. Both are good with money, and like to plan for a secure future. However, because both are Cardinal Signs, there may be some subconscious power struggles going on behind the scenes and have a natural inclination to lead, they will need to agree on the division of labor including who is in charge of what, as early on as possible. If they have a reasonably flexible plan that allows for a balance of power, mutual respect and pride in each other will be the most likely result. This is a case of opposites that attract and often go on to build a solid, fruitful partnership. Supportive connections between Moon and Ascendant signs will help make this relationship run more smoothly, but in general this is a very good combination that should be satisfying to both. It's an excellent match!  Top


The Lion and the Sea goat is an unlikely couple, but sometimes this combination can work very well. There seems to be a karmic connection between the two, especially when they are connected through family relationships. If pride can be set aside between the two, this can be a very rewarding partnership. The dignified manner and serious outlook of the Sea goat often wins Leo's respect. In fact the Sea-Goat would be able to handle the high-handed Lion better than most, getting them to do their share of the workload while still purring contentedly. Leo often looks on the bright side of life and can cheer up a Capricorn when you they have a case of the Saturnine blues. In return, their realistic and practical nature is the perfect antidote for when Leo's head gets lost in the clouds. Because Leo is an impulsive, emotional Fire Sign and Capricorn is a practical, controlled Earth Sign, both will have to learn to respect and tolerate each other's different temperaments. Other Leo can scorch the Sea Goat with his or her unbridled enthusiasm and legendary temper tantrums, while the Sea-Goat are just as likely to smother Leo with their pessimistic moods and old-fashioned ideas. The combination has the power to destroy each other if they don't learn to appreciate and cherish the different qualities each brings to the relationship. As a Cardinal Sign, Capricorn was born to lead. Leo is a Fixed Sign and won't mind, so long as he or she is the one calling the shots behind the scenes. Together, they can be a formidable team... if they have decided it is worth the effort it will take to work together. This is not the easiest combination in the Zodiac and works best when more harmonious aspects between Moon and Ascendant exist. When both of you want it to work, this can be a very strong partnership. Otherwise this is not a match made in heaven. Top


Virgo, the Virgin and Capricorn, the Sea-Goat can create a wonderful relation. Even though this is a naturally compatible combination, both tend to take their time choosing companions. It may take some time to get this relationship off the ground. The double Earth influence in this relationship can make the two of them solid as a rock, but it can also keep them from achieving much growth. However, the Two may become too content with the relationship never really moving beyond the comfort-zone. Fortunately, the Sea-Goat is a Cardinal Sign, who will be keen to attain whatever joint goals the two of them set. A Virgo lover should be included in a Capricorn's endeavors as he or she can be a wonderful asset and supporter! As a team, they are likely to go very far. This is a very natural and easy combination, unless there are difficult aspects between Moon and Ascendant Signs, one can expect to have a long lasting and rewarding partnership. It's a perfect match.  Top


This is not the most comfortable combination in the Cosmos for several reasons, but that doesn't mean the two can't learn to get along and love each other dearly. In fact, when they learn to appreciate and respect each other's strengths and weaknesses, things can work better between the two. It will just take patience and understanding, and perhaps a well placed Moon and Ascendant Sign! Libra, an Air Sign, is fascinated with ideas, but Capricorn would insist on concrete, material evidence. A Libra may frustrate the Sea Goat with that infamous indecision. However, the Sea-Goat can help Libra be more decisive, while Libra helps a Capricorn tolerate the fact that sometimes choices are not always very clear. This can be a difficult partnership but can work well, especially when harmonious Moon and Ascendant aspects exist. Although the two have very different temperaments and motivations, they can learn to work together in a productive and meaningful way. This is not a match made in heaven. Top


This is a loyal, passionate combination and can be one of the best matches in the Zodiac. Even if this isn't a romantic relationship, the two are likely to be affectionate and very comfortable with each other in a physical way. They make wonderful friends, family members, business partners, and mates. Scorpio, the Scorpion, is legendary for being seductive and passionate, and a Capricorn won't mind this one bit, as long as their Scorpio partner isn't out seducing someone else. Scorpio's straightforward and real approach impresses a Capricorn. However, Capricorn will need to watch out for a tendency towards possessiveness, jealousy, and revenge. Both Capricorn and Scorpio can be demanding and unforgiving, so one should make sure both know and agree to the rules of engagement ahead of time. Scorpio is a Water Sign, which blends well with the Earthy nature of the Capricorn. Scorpio is more comfortable with emotions than the Sea-Goat is and can open up to a Scorpio to express his/her feelings in a secure environment. In return, the more practical and solid personality of a Capricorn inspires Scorpio to use his or her creative powers constructively. As a Fixed Sign, Scorpio can be very loyal and committed to their joint goals and values, and won't mind that the Sea Goat inclination as a Cardinal Sign to take on the role of leader. However, care should be taken to keep the lines of communication open. When this relationship goes wrong, the hurt feelings and resentment can last several lifetimes, as neither is inclined to forgive and forget. The two can be very happy together this can be a very long lasting and successful partnership. It's a dynamic and exciting match that has potential for the long haul. Top


The rowdy Archer doesn't seem to have much in common with the Sea Goat, but this can still be a reasonably good combination. They will first have to learn to appreciate their fundamental differences before they can feel comfortable together, but once they do, it can be a very successful team. The Archer's optimism helps to temper the Sea-Goat's inclination to doom-saying, while the no-nonsense style of the Capricorn helps the Archer to reach his most cherished goals. Both understand the importance of working towards accomplishments, and hence, can find common ground. Sagittarius is a dynamic Fire Sign while the Sea-Goat are a more laid back Earth Sign, making it imperative to respect your temperamental differences. Enthusiastic Sagittarius can inspire you to keep aiming ever higher, while you can demonstrate the wisdom of the slow but steady climb to the top. Because Sagittarius is of a Mutable nature, he or she is mainly concerned with communication and won't mind if you want to take the lead. However, you will need to make the effort to express and explain yourself more frequently. Even though many Sagittarius have the gift of foresight, they don't necessary possess telepathy! Communicate your ideas, your plans, your goals, and your feelings if you want the Archer to lend support and energy to your endeavors. This is not the easiest combination in the Zodiac and will benefit from more compatible Moon and Ascendant placements. The two of have very different personalities but can agree on the need to have purpose and direction. When committed to the same goals and values, they can become a great team; otherwise the re will be too much mutual annoyance for the relationship to survive when the first flames burn low. This is not a match made in heaven. Top


Two Sea-Goats under one roof could be your idea of heaven, but it could also closely resemble hell at times! This can be a very compatible combination, but could also suffer from the 'too much of a good thing' syndrome. If the two of you have enough different interests to keep from getting caught in a dull routine and can maintain a healthy balance of power between you, this can be a very happy partnership. Because you are both influenced by sober, conservative Saturn, this is not likely to be a casual relationship. Even if you are only acquaintances, you tend to take each other (and yourselves) very seriously! Most Caps experience significant problems in early life, but tend to resolve these as time goes on. You really blossom in mature years! As Cardinal Signs, you are both inclined to take on leadership roles, and this can present a problem in some relationships. You will have to communicate your expectations early on, and that may also mean giving up the ones that are not realistic. Create a division of labor and responsibility that you can both agree on, so that neither of you feel overburdened or unfairly treated. This is a perfect relationship.  Top


The two of you may share many of the same goals and ideals. However the approach may be completely different. But you can still agree on what is important in the long run! If the Water Bearer can respect your need for tradition and you can be open to those Aquarian ideas for change, the two of you can make a very progressive team. Although both Signs share the rulership of structured Saturn, as an Earth Sign, you may find it very hard to relate to the Water Bearer's Air Sign nature. You thrive on outward and concrete expressions of affection, while Aquarius may seem detached and emotionally unavailable at times. Possessiveness is a natural instinct for you, but Aquarius is a fiercely independent and unpredictable soul. Furthermore, you have an affinity for all things traditional and familial, while Aquarius, due to the influence of Uranus, is inclined to do away with conventions and outdated practices. Because of these differences, this is not the best combination for romantic relationships, though the initial sexual attraction can turn into a good friendship. It can in fact be a very good combination for less intimate connections and partnerships. Unfortunately, Fixed Sign Aquarius likes to be in control of his or her own direction. However, if the Water Bearer comes to trust and respect you, he will be fiercely loyal to you and will support your efforts. Whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, when the two of you can work together, can accomplish great things. This combination requires discipline, motivation - and the support of compatible Moon and Ascendant signs. While you may not have a strong emotional compatibility, there is a possibility that you may find common goals where you can channel your combined energy into creating something positive. Otherwise it's a difficult match. Top


The gentle Fish is an excellent match for the Sea Goat, even if at first there maybe some doubts. Sure, Pisces is a dreamer and can appear fragile, but sometimes subtle strength can be mistaken for weakness. The combined strengths help to compensate for their individual weaknesses, and together they can make a solid, satisfying team. This combination usually works well and only falters when serious conflicts between charts are present. As long as the two of you communicate openly, clearly, and regularly, this should be a long and rewarding partnership. It's a perfect match.  Top