Virgo (August 22 - September 23)

Your sign of Virgo is of an earthy nature and is representative of the sixth sign of the zodiac. You belong to a group of people known for their perfectionist and highly analytical minds. In a way, Virgos are misunderstood and this attention to detail and striving for excellence has in many circles given you a rather unusual reputation for being extremely critical. The fact is that you aspire to doing things properly, methodically through the work and service that you perform. Click to know about how they fare with other signs in the cosmic compatibility cycle.

Zodiac Sign of Virgo


Virgo, the Virgin, and Aries, the Ram makes a rather odd couple, but when this combination works a great deal can be accomplished. You don't seem to have much in common, and perhaps this is why you often find each other so strangely exciting. Impulsive Aries makes split-second decisions and acts on them instantly, while you are inclined to agonize over details until the opportune moment has long passed. When the two of you work together cooperatively, you can move forward with both courage and precision. As an Earth Sign blending with a Fire Sign, you have the power to destroy each other if you don't make the effort to compromise. A romantic, sexual relationship between you can be exciting at first, but isn't likely to last without other, more compatible planetary placements. Fire can scorch Earth while Earth can effectively smother Fire, which is why this combination tends to be rare outside of the workplace and classroom. Mars-ruled Aries is concerned with action and aggression, while you prefer to plan and analyze. When other balancing elements exist, you can support each other in being successful and productive, but it is a choice both must make. You can be intrigued by the Ram's audaciousness, but your prudent, Virgoan ways can clash with your Arien lover's colourful personality. Difficulties in communication may bring friction, because Mercury-ruled Virgo loves to talk and Mars-rules Aries loves to act. Arguments can be as passionate as your lovemaking. The Ram likes a flamboyant social life, while you tend to be happier with a selection of quiet, intellectual friends. Fiery, impulsive Aries is also the type to bring out your worst habits of nit-picking and nagging. This combination may not be the most promising for romantic considerations, but it can be very rewarding in business partnerships, teacher/student, and professional relationships. For more personal and intimate connections, positive Moon and Ascendant aspects are important for better rapport and mutual understanding.  Top


Virgo, the Virgin, and Taurus, the Bull, are very much at home together, making this a very natural and easy combination. Of course, you may have to introduce the Bull to improved hygiene practices and housekeeping techniques and the Bull may not understand why you can't just relax, but overall, you can certainly enjoy each other's company. As two Earth Signs, you have much in common. Both of you are interested in financial security and physical comfort. However, Venus-ruled Taurus is just as likely to spend money on luxuries, while you are more inclined to economize. Taurus is a fan of rich and fattening foods, while you are more likely to buy organic and go vegan. Over time, the two of you can find a healthy balance between saving money and spending it, and between living to eat and eating to live. In the bedroom, Taurus can help you loosen up a bit, sparking the white hot fire all Virgins have deep inside. Taurus is more generally more comfortable with bodily functions than the typical Virgo and can help you to be more accepting of your own physical form. Both of you have been blessed with the gifts of common sense, resourcefulness, and practicality, which makes for a very solid astrological combination. This can be a long lasting and rewarding partnership of any kind and works especially well in family and marriage. It is a perfect match.  Top


Virgo, the Virgin, and Gemini, the Twins, are attracted to each other because of a common interest in intellectual ideas. Though you have your differences, your shared love of words and concepts sometimes brings you close enough to make a relationship work. This is one of those combinations that will take a bit more effort than most, but the rewards of your mutual cooperation will be worth it. Gemini is an Air Sign whose nature tends to escape the grasp of more solid, stable Earth signs like you. Breezy Gemini simply isn't interested in settling down, or worrying about practical and domestic matters, at least not until nearing 30. As it happens, many of you also wait until greater maturity to choose a mate, putting you face to face with the charming (and still single) Twins. Because of this tendency to wait until later in life to commit, you may find that Gemini is a very surprising and satisfying soul mate. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting started on family building early, you'd be better advised to look elsewhere. Either way, this combination will take adjustments and patience from both sides; making mutual maturity added insurance for long term success. This combination is not the easiest in the Zodiac... Gemini is known for legendary flirting ability, while you tend to be much more serious about showing your affections. In fact, many a broken heart has come through the pairing of the Virgin and Twins. Generally the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini) are better matched as friends or colleagues than as spouses. These signs need to lean on their partners for security, while supplying at their own end the social lubricant and joie de vivre that can make stronger more stable partners happy, bringing them out of themselves. However, with stabilizing Moon and Ascendant placements, even this unlikely combination can be satisfying.  Top


Virgo, the Virgin and Cancer, the Crab fit together like a hand and glove... both love home and hearth, and both are concerned with the nurturing and wellbeing of others. When you turn your caring sides towards each other, you can reach your goals and turn your dreams into reality. The two of you make an excellent team, whether you are romantically involved, family members, friends, or business partners. Because Cancer is a Water Sign and you are an Earth Sign, the chances are good that you will be fruitful and multiply. Whether you are creating children of the heart, body, or mind, the two of you make an excellent parenting team. In business relationships, your combined abilities are almost sure to guarantee at least a modest measure of success. Cancer has a knack for making a fortune grow, while you have the patience for tending to the necessary details. In creative endeavours, Cancer can help inspire Virgo. With your combined resourcefulness and imagination, this team shines on projects that require improvisation. Cancer is protective, even possessive and can be a jealous lover, though more from insecurity than just the desire to dominate. For a loving, protective partner, who has wonderful bouts of creativity interspersed with dreamy romanticism, yet peppered with practicality, you need look no further than Cancer. This combination is one of the most natural and easy in the Zodiac. As kindred spirits, you will want to make the effort to get to know each other better. Even with stressful aspects between Moon and Ascendant, the two of you are likely to get along. This is a perfect match.  Top


Virgo the Virgin and Leo the Lion make an interesting if not totally compatible pair. Leo loves to rule and you have a desire to serve, which might make this seem like the perfect couple! Leo rewards your attentiveness with generosity and is sincerely appreciative of your supportive efforts. However, if you don't take turns serving and being served, this arrangement can soon turn ugly. Your life-ruler Mercury makes it easy for you to find the right words to make the special people in your life feel wonderful... or feel terrible, depending on you mood. It will be up to you to communicate your needs to the regal Lion, who honestly does want to please. The furry Beasts can't read your mind and won't understand that when you are critical, you are usually suffering from hurt or insecurity. Because Leo is a Fire Sign and Virgo is an Earth Sign, you are perfectly capable of destroying each other. Leo has the power to scorch your senses with over-the-top displays of emotion, but you have the power to smother Leo's enthusiasm with your no-nonsense practicality. Leo is generous and loves to throw money around like confetti, so you'd better suppress your thriftier instincts if you want this match to last. Learn to respect each other's differences; it's the only way to get along! Your Leo lover is very physical and can be personally affronted if you fail to match that leonine ardour. Your reserved nature frustrates Leo and can lead to quarrels. You need to remember that Lions and Lionesses love to be appreciated and thrive on praise. Don't be parsimonious with this, or the King of Beasts will soon be hunting in another part of the forest. This combination works best when there are more harmonious connections between your Moon and Ascendant signs. With a bit of patience and understanding, this can be a very rewarding match. Top


A relationship between two Virgos has much to attract you both. How could you possibly go wrong with someone who seems to have as much good sense as you? This can be a wonderful partnership if you don't suffer from too much of a good thing. Because both of you are Mutable Signs, it shouldn't be too hard for you to communicate effectively. In fact, it may be very easy for you to live under the same roof without ever disagreeing on anything. You also share passions of the mind, and will never bore each other. What may be harder is deciding on a mutual direction and goals to work towards. You will need some form of common focus to keep from living in your own separate worlds. Actually, you bring out the very best in each other. But immersed in your own separate interests, which is fine some of the time, but doesn't allow for much growth! When you can set goals together and work towards them as a team, there is very little you cannot accomplish. Sharing the same Mercury-ruled Earth sign generally means you are both practical, organized, and analytical. It should be fairly easy for you to agree on most of the important things, such as which way the toilet paper roll should be hung. But every so often an individual will insist on playing the opposite side of the coin, which means one of you could be incorrigibly disorganized, unfocused, and unrealistic. You will want to be conscious of who is playing what role so that you don't inadvertently create imbalance. Both of you think that there is more in life than .However, when both of you are being the best that you can be, you will have nothing to worry about and everything to celebrate. This combination works best if there is diversity in your Moon and Ascendant signs. With a little diversity between you, this can be a deeply satisfying and exciting relationship. There might be an ongoing contest over who is leader, but you have too much else in common for that to matter. As long as you can curb your disposition for finding fault and find balance in your relationship together, this is a perfect match.  Top


The Virgin and the Scales can make beautiful, harmonious music together if they wish, but it might take a bit of effort to get started. As the Zodiac's service-oriented sign, you expect to work at everything you do, so it will be up to your less work-oriented Libran partner to decide whether or not he or she wants to do what it takes to achieve good results. Because Virgo is a Mutable Sign and Libra is a Cardinal Sign, your Libran friend will want to lead the way. However, many Librans have a very difficult time deciding which way is best. This is why they are often attracted to their aggressive opposite Aries, who is more than happy to make instant judgments. Libra can also be a little too frivolous and even a bit shallow for your tastes, for Libra enjoys spending money, going to parties and being the centre of attention. You'll need to restrain your comments, for even well-meaning criticism can make Libra feel unloved. However, you can list out the pros and cons (Libra loves pros and cons lists) and help Libra make decisions based on thoughtful analysis. Of course, these will really be YOUR decisions, but Libra will want to think that he or she has made the choice. This shouldn't be a problem, as most Librans have at least one planet in Virgo and most Virgos have at least one planet in Libra, the two of you will find much to agree on. Once Libra realizes that what he or she wants is the same as what you want, everything should be just fine. This combination works well in family, friendship, and business relationships. More harmonious aspects involving Moon and Ascendant Signs help this to work in more romantic connections. Either way, this can be a wonderful partnership of two civilized and progressive minds. Top


When Scorpion meets Virgin there is immediate interest. Scorpio has an erotic nature and the Virgin has hidden depths. Scorpio's elemental Water mixes well with the Earth of Virgo. You will be able to work and cooperate. Talk is an important issue! Both of you are cautious about expressing your inmost feelings, but, in the end, the Virgin likes everything plain and up front. Thus, you will need to lay your cards on the table eventually, and this is not easy for you. You're a deep and mysterious being, enjoying privacy and keeping your secrets. Pluto, lord of the underworld, is one of your rulers and few are invited to his hidden kingdom without a serious examination of credentials. Mars also rules your sign, making you a passionate warrior; ready to rise to the important challenges. Virgo is a creature who does what's right, something you'll come to respect. Once committed, Scorpio can be loyal as well an unflagging ally. The Virgin is a quick-minded creature and loves to analyze where you're creative and imaginative. Nonetheless, you'll admire and complement each other. Your incisive perceptions are a good match for the Virgin's eye for detail. Scorpio is a fixed sign, where Virgo is Mutable, so you'll be able to lead the way and give stability while the Virgin contributes behind the scenes. If you share goals, you can accomplish anything. The sensual Scorpion is an ardent lover, but jealous and possessive. Don't let the volcano of your passion erupt into anger, for this is not the Virgin's style and he or she won't thank you for it. Discuss a problem. Don't just silently seethe! Scorpion and Virgin make beautiful music and can work as a team. In romance or business, you share a unique companionship. This is an ideal match. Top


The idealistic but impractical Archer can be quite a challenge for the typical Virgo, so be sure you know what you are getting into before you take the leap. While the sparks of attraction may fly between you, this relationship can quickly become too hot to handle. The two of you can make a relationship work, but first you must acknowledge some fundamental differences between you. Because Virgo is an Earth Sign and Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, your emotional styles are very diverse. The Archer can be almost ridiculously enthusiastic and idealistic at times, overloading your somewhat milder sensibilities. You tend to remain very even-tempered and practical, frustrating your Sagittarian lover's desire for excitement. Sagittarius has a passion that burns brightly but can die out over the long run, while you have a more subdued flame that tends to burn on forever. However, when you have found a balance, your Sagittarian partner can inspire and motivate you, while you help keep his or her feet on the ground. Since you are both Mutable Signs, communication is important to you. You are both concerned with truth and honesty, and you each have a desire for reaching goals and achieving self-improvement. You are both natural teachers who want to share information that can benefit others, and here is where you may find your strongest common ground. In family, friendships, or business relationships, the two of you need to work together as a team. In romantic relationships, a common goal or vision can be a foundation to build upon. If you can respect each other's unique viewpoint and style of expression, you can help each other to be more effective. Ruled by liberal Jupiter, Sagittarius is expansive and extravagant, while you seek a simple, orderly life. This combination is generally difficult, but can sometimes work when Moon and Ascendant Signs are harmonious. If other placements support your relationship, you'll inspire each other to greater heights. As long as both of you understand and respect your differences - and share absorbing interests in common - you can work towards a very rewarding partnership. This is not a perfect match. Top


Ambitious, conservative Capricorn makes a wonderful friend, lover, business partner, or family member for the discriminating, conscientious Virgo. This is one of those relationships that feels very natural and should progress very easily, since both of you share similar values and temperaments. As long as there are no planetary afflictions between you, this combination has a high probability of success! Because you are both Earth Signs, it won't be hard for you to agree on what to do in your spare time. Anything that edifies the spirit and pleases the soul through the physical senses can bring you together, whether it is gardening, cooking, building a home, or making love. Sexual compatibility is high and you are stimulated by your Capricorn lover's ardent advances, for in lovemaking, the Goat usually takes the lead. You will probably enjoy working on creative projects together. The two of you are hands-on kind of people, much more interested in what you can make happen than in philosophies or theories. Neither one of you has much time for those who talk but don't produce and both of you have great respect for self-made men and women. This relationship is generally as easy and natural one, allowing you to be stronger as a team than you are as individuals. Whether you are family members, co-workers, or romantic partners, this is one of those combinations that just feel right. Unless there are planetary afflictions between your natal charts, this should be a long and rewarding connection. It's a perfect match.  Top


The only other sign more likely to remain single than Virgo, is Aquarius, the elusive Water-Bearer, but it is for entirely different reasons. You are simply very discriminating, waiting for that one special, perfect person who will meet your high expectations and specific requirements. Aquarius, on the other hand, wants to experience the whole world as a lover and can't imagine having to settle down with just one for life. Freedom is a big issue for Aquarius. While this might not be the best combination for a romantic relationship, it can be an excellent connection for a meeting of the minds. Because Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, the Water-Bearer can be remarkably loyal and dedicated. Because Saturn is powerful here, this also translates to 'stubborn' and 'obstinate', so be forewarned! As a more flexible Mutable Sign, you are more concerned communicating with and supporting others. You'll be aware of details that need to be considered in almost every situation, but Aquarius is the alchemy who can connect with a greater range of personalities. When you put your skills together, you make a formidable political team. You are both rational and intellectual, tending to view love in the abstract. Aquarius is legendary for emotional detachment, yet you too have your share of emotional restrictions. You'll need to be aware that Aquarius is interested in other people, in causes, and in setting the world right. Your need for personal achievement and financial security does not really register very strongly on the Aquarian scale. This is a difficult combination, but can work well in business and less personal relationships. In intimate or family connections, more harmonious connections between the Moon and Ascendant Signs can improve personal understanding and foster emotional closeness. Without such connections, this is a very difficult match. Top


Virgo and Pisces often prove that opposites attract. It is very common for you to have at least one significant relationship with the gentle Fish, whether it is a family member, close friend, business associate, or romantic partner. You are more practical, while Pisces is the dreamer... you need order, but Pisces seems at home in a world of fantasy. Virgo tends to marry late in life, while many Pisceans marry early and often. You tend to be a perfectionist, while Pisces often overlooks the details. However, you are both concerned with making the world a better place and can work well as a team, making this combination worth the effort. Because Virgo is an Earth Sign and Pisces is a Water Sign, when in balance you can create a stable, fruitful union. Virgo is considered a 'barren' sign, but Pisces is exceptionally fertile, often bringing children to the union. You can provide the stability and sensibility those Pisces needs, while Pisces brings greater joy and meaning into your life. When not in balance, Pisces can be emotionally overwhelming, flooding your more practical, logical sensibilities, and you might find it hard to adapt to some of your Fishy lover's sexual preferences. The extravagance, secretiveness, and dreaminess of the Fish will frustrate your sense of order. On the other hand, when you are not centred and peaceful, you can suffocate your Pisces friend with criticism and lack of faith. This can be a challenging combination as it represents the coming together of two opposites. With mutually compatible planetary placements and aspects, it can be long lasting and the source of much spiritual growth.  Top