Libra (September 24 - October 23)

Your sign of Libra is of the nature of air (intellect) and is representative of the seventh sign of the zodiac. You are well known for your sociable and outgoing nature, love to communicate your ideas to others and are rarely at a loss for words. You see yourself as capable in the way you offer your opinions and for this reason people often seek out your advice. Click to know about how they fare with other signs in the cosmic compatibility cycle.

Zodiac Sign of Libra


When Libra, the Scales, first meet Aries, the Ram, attraction glitters in the air. The Ram is decisive, fascinating and magnetic and you'll be swept along by the Ram's delight in discovering you. Both of you are romantics. But where your natural ideal is achieved through harmony, the Ram boldly overcomes opposition to possess his heart's desire. At first, you'll love the Ram's independence and flair. However, in time, if you want to maintain the peace, you'll have to forgive many peccadilloes born of haste or impatience. Can the Ram learn to say 'sorry' without losing the naive charm and initiative you love? Hmmm. Something to ponder on. Aries, a Fire Sign, finds your elegant style fascinating, but may interpret your love of cooperation as interest; since Rams believe they are the most interesting things in the world. Fire signs personalize experience and see the 'self' as the center Show your Ram that you see many things outside you as interesting and it is your job to weigh them up. Both of you love drama and have passionate concerns. On this roller-coaster ride, the Ram's impulses may clash with your need to ponder. You enjoy examining your options at length, but the Ram is ready to take a wrong track, then put it right rather than wait. Rams have little sympathy with the agony of indecision. You, on the other hand, will find Ram's rashness wearing. You can be powerful allies if you work out a mutual process, but if you don't, you will rarely agree on how to tackle anything. Mutual effort at domestic harmony will be essential, as you love debate but don't care for conflict. This can be an exciting match if you learn to rely on each other. Without such reliance, romance is likely to fizzle out.  Top


Cardinal Airy Venus meets Fixed Earthy Venus and the encounter is an odd one. Since Venus rules on both sides of the equation, there is potential, yet Libra the Scales and Taurus the Bull are very different creatures. With common ground in a love of beauty and a disinclination for conflict, you find the Bull fascinating at first, a totally different species. However, the Bull is a creature of routine, where you love change and excitement, so it may not be long before the placid Bull tries to put the vigorous Scales in a secure compartment, one to which you are unsuited. You love attention and interaction, not limitation. It is the glory of your Sign that you like to consider things, weigh them up, discuss them with your loved one, or indeed with anyone passing. The Bull may quickly tire of this constant need to discuss everything from the color of the bedspread to the way that biscuits are arranged on the plate. Generally, the Bull is not inclined towards causes or matters of justice, unless other influences prevail in the chart. Thus your very own Bull may find your interests in this area puzzling and, in the end, a waste of time and energy. If your bullish mate cannot abide your strong opinions, there will be clashes with the fixed attitudes of this stubborn beast. You can find common ground in the arts, as you are both creatures of taste. Equally, work issues or shared financial interests may bring you together. Overall, this is not an easy match. If you work on accepting differences, the combination of Air and Earth is advantageous. If don't harmonize, then Scales must look further a field while Bull waits patiently for the next cab off the rank.  Top


It's definitely an instant attraction! You'll love the lure of high-spirited Gemini the instant your eyes lock. Your shared style, variety and excitement will have no trouble keeping the interest fresh. This fabulous, enthusiastic match could easily move to the bedroom then spill into the social life and beyond. And, speaking of the bedroom, where love for you is an endless frolic, the two of you will really launch into lift-off. You are both in love with love and Gemini's light touch and witty manner will charm and enthral you. You both love to experiment, yet neither of you is jealous, or horribly possessive like some Signs we could name. It's an ideal combination. Mental pursuit and communication is the domain of the Air Sign, so together you will discuss and question, cruising a broad range of topics. Debate between strong-minded (though indecisive) Scales and curious Twins will be rich and varied. Though you both express the Air element, Libra is actually a Cardinal Sign and likes to triumph, while the Mutable Twins will play Devil's advocate, taking the contrary position. Debate can become complex and drawn out, but you both enjoy making adjustments and balancing different elements. Libra will shift position just as often as Gemini changes mind. While you both have charm, the sense of style may vary. Tasteful Libra, the focal point of elegance and chic, may wonder at the array of colors selected by scatty Gemini. However, despite the occasional clash of head and heart, this partnership is well favored romantically and in business, especially in the arts or communications. Indecisive Libra will happily be advised but must, in the end, make the final decision, despite your reputation for wavering. Libra is the leader, where Gemini is a willing and able associate. Move from the brainstorm to the realm of practical action, for, with all this Air, the whirlwind of ideas can leave nothing concrete in its wake. There will be lots of discussion but not a lot of action. You both know how to charm others into doing things for you, but check your charts for Earth energy before you try to conquer the world. You have fun together and complement one another well (as long as you maintain focus). It's a deliciously perfect match.  Top


Libra and Cancer are Cardinal Signs, strong and constituted to lead. When cardinal signs meet, there is always a clash of wills, so the goals you set must be worth the compromise. At first, Scales and Crab seem in harmony. You're both sensitive and romantic, so the natural rhythms of your encounter have great appeal. Cancer the Crab, a Water Sign, lets things happen in their own sweet time. This suits your natural inclination to weigh up all the options, so it's a good thing neither of you is inclined to rush. Moon-ruled Cancer will happily soak up all of your lyrical attention and in return will offer you the warm glow of emotional security. In the bedroom intense passions rise, but it won't be long before each of you begins searching for lines of control. Charming Libra loves to lead the way, but then encounters the immovable Crab, entrenched in secure and familiar patterns. If the battle becomes a discussion about who does what and when, your need to discuss and ask questions may clash with your Crab's need for privacy. Don't charge in wanting to know what's up if the Crab is not ready to talk. You are both idealists, so can find common ground in social values, if you sort out your priorities. As an Air Sign, liberal Libra seeks balance and justice, giving focus to the partner, but conservative Cancer is the protector of home, family and the values that uphold them. You will fight for a cause, but your Crab will act to protect its own. If the greater ideal puts the personal at risk, you could feel the Crab's nipper. You love harmony in the home, so you're well matched there, and you both flourish with romantic attention and niceties. But your keen sense of style inclines to extravagance, where the cautious Crab's claws will hold onto money. You adore the social scene, but the Crab is happiest at home. Negotiate financial matters with sensitivity and care. This relationship works best if work or family interests bind you together. Without such interests, provided by compatible Moon and other chart factors, the battle may not seem worthwhile.  Top


This meeting is truly blessed. In fact, it's an ideal match. Sensual Libra and dramatic Leo are a stylish and dynamic duo, one which catches fire in the bedroom and maintains the energy through thick and thin. When Cardinal Scales encounters Fixed Lion; it's the Scales who must learn to give ground. This is really no problem for you, for of all signs, Libra is the most other-oriented. Notwithstanding, the wise Lion will learn both to listen and to discuss. The way to get the best from you and your Lion is to remember the rules about Fire and Air. Too much air and the fire burns out of control; too little and the flame stifles and dies. You are a leader and a thinker, so your ideas can stimulate your fiery mate to action. However, if you allow debate to become too protracted, or become fatally indecisive, the Lion loses patience. Leo is a Fixed Sign with a firm attitudinal base. Gently encourage your furry Beast to see the other side of things. Ask for help if you're unsure. Lions are generous and love to show it, but generally Lions think they're always right and don't see the point of discussion. If you blind Leo with science, the Lions will retreat to an accustomed position and snarl or sulk. If you tell the Big Cat what to do, Lions will fight with a persistence that wears you out. The best approach is to let them think the new idea or strategy is theirs. Play diplomat to the monarch and you'll do well. On a straight course, the Lion is stronger and more determined than you are. Harness that dauntless Leo will to a joint course and your fortunes are made. You could not ask for a more loyal companion. Your Lion will stand by you through thick and thin. The Lion is a proud creature. Never demean him or her or make fun in public. At the same time, don't be afraid to scrap with your Lion, just so you can give in gracefully. Leo is fiery sign and needs a vigorous workout. If you're tender, intelligent and prepared to be the power behind the throne, you'll have a mate for life with whom you can share love and success. It's a perfect match. Top


Libra the Scales and Virgo the Virgin meet as idealists. You seek the ideals of cooperation, beauty and justice through gentle, passionate Venus. Virgo seeks perfection of the self and indeed the world. The Virgin is a thinker and an analyst through agile Mercury. This brings intelligence, but a degree of nervous tension. The Scales' ideals of justice are mirrored in the Virgin's ideal of correctness. You're different creatures with common ground. However, your social inclinations and love of circulating will be resented by Virgo, who feels insecure when forced into the public eye. Together, you mix well with others and avoid conflict. Scales and the Virgin are talkers with active minds. However, airy Scales has grandeur and style, enjoying talk for talk's sake as much as reasoned debate, where earthy Virgin prefers straightforward speech. After a time, clashes arise between the broad sweep of your outlook and the analytic close-detail abilities of the Virgin. While gracious and accommodating, no Libra takes criticisms well, especially the sharp, straight talk of the Virgin. If you don't like home truths, then the Virgin won't be your best choice of a loved one. Virgo is careful, not to say miserly, but your tastes are expensive. Virgo has little time or patience for beating about the bush. The airy bubbles Libra blows may be pricked easily by the Virgin. You can complement each other and be good communicators. The witty perceptions of the Virgin will add to the humor of the Scales. You agonize over decisions. Virgo is a worrier. However, Virgo would rather take action than sit around discussing things. Knowing when to stop talking and get on with it is the key. Well-matched in the bedroom, you're passionate creatures, drawn to an idealized love, though each of you seeks it differently. If you explore and fulfil each other's dreams and fantasies, you'll do well. The mixture of agile Air and practical Earth is not an easy one, though the blend can bring rich rewards. Cardinal Libra leads the way while Mutable Virgo contributes inventive skills and invaluable advice while getting the job done. Listen to your versatile partner. No one will work harder than the Virgin if left to get on with things. Don't be a bossy Scales. An odd couple you may be, but if this match finds its own special glue, you'll be a matchless pair.  Top


When Libran style meets Libran panache, the attraction is immediate. You will find an understanding partner and a romance for life. Romance is in the air when two Scales find their Lover. Affairs of the bedroom are enthralling and even a touch extravagant. You'll be invigorated just by the thought of your loved one and can stimulate and refresh each other through considerate attention. If you've always wanted a partner with grace, good taste and who loves to discuss and weigh things up as much as you do, look no further than another Scales. You truly understand each other, enjoying the highs and sympathizing with the lows. A warning: sometimes Libra can be prone to almost paralyzing indecision. If you both get stuck, very little can be done until and unless one of you can pull yourself out of it. Remember too that there is something of a contrary tendency within your sign. Sometimes you have to swing away and take the opposite position. You'd better negotiate an agreement to disagree, or you could find yourselves arguing with one another for no reason other than sheer bloody mindedness. You need to leave each other alone from time to time. Each of you has a deep or hidden side, filled with darker concerns or worries, which you rarely reveal to others. With a Scales partner you'll have a comrade you can trust with this secret self. Whatever your views on a subject, you'll be able to see the side your partner holds. Both of you may come to change your mind on many topics due to these 'heart to heart' discussions. However, to avoid boredom, you really need to develop mutual external interests and activities so that when conflict arises, you both have a way of transforming the stormy air into positive winds of change. Although Libra is a Cardinal sign and likes to take charge, it's easier for you than any other sign to work out the balance that will allow enough space for you both. Given you find the measure of cooperation and understanding your sign seeks, this can be a perfect match. Top


What happens when Love Goddess comes face to face with Underworld Lord? Intense desire awakens and fearsome passions surge to the surface! Libra charm and Scorpion magnetism are mutually fascinating. You have much to learn from this proud, but sometimes remote being. The boudoir ballet can be steamy, even decadent, for you are passionate beings. Scorpio adores your lightness of touch and desire to please; while you are thrilled by the constant unveiling of sexual secrets. But it's tricky from here. Your outgoing, sociable mode of communication encounters an impenetrable surface in the Scorpion. You're a planner, needing debate. The Scorpion is a schemer who spends inordinate amount of time in the secret inner sanctum. You embrace the wide view where Scorpio holds to a fixed belief system. Where you change readily, Scorpio remains obdurate. Your fairness sits uneasily with Scorpio's capacity for ruthless action. If you cannot develop good communications, your relationship may flounder. Scales is a diplomat where Scorpio will deliver the verbal sting, and not always as a last resort. Scorpio has the gift of psychic perception and will often read you better than you read yourself. You're a Cardinal Sign, needing to take charge, but the Scorpion is not born to take orders. Negotiate a pact or end up in conflict with the world's most persistent creature. Scorpio could give lessons in stubbornness to the stones themselves. The Scorpion can be strangely patient with your trademark indecisiveness. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, loyal, devoted and sometimes fanatically jealous. You love your freedom and do not like to be possessed Trust is needed for your relationship to flourish. This is a difficult match and will work best if there are business interests in common. Compatible factors such as Moon, Mars and Venus will improve the situation, so if you love a Scorpion, be sure to get a full chart comparison. If it works, you'll have a devoted companion. Top


This scintillating meeting of Air and Fire is loaded with excitement and sparkle. Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter, so is more restless than you and enjoys taking risks. No Libran is likely to stand in the way of an adventure, though, so the urge to get out and have fun will keep you motivated. Sagittarius will be a great friend, as well a delightful lover. Problems don't arise very often, But Sag can sometimes hurt your sensitive feelings, but on the other hand you can sometimes be a bit too emotionally controlling for the Archer's liking. Don't worry though, because your legendary diplomatic skills will soon smooth any ruffled feathers. You both have the ability to forgive and forget. Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign and enjoys a changing diet. Keep things varied to maintain the interest of this freedom-loving creature. Your domain over the realm of Air excites the fiery but philosophic Archer. You share a world of ideas, beliefs and a diversity of opinions. You'll love ranging through the topics you agree and disagree on. Libra is a Cardinal Sign so you love to lead. Mutable Sagittarius is restless but affable and will follow with most things, as long as they're exciting and there aren't too many direct orders. Archers revel in ideas, but they have the bluntness of the fire sign rather than the diplomacy of the Scales. This match can be successful socially, artistically, romantically or just enjoying life's endless parade. Be careful of extravagance. Work out how to tie the purse strings in this relationship for prudence and economy don't come naturally to either of you. The Archer is a creature of action. Try not to spend too much time making up your mind, for vigorous Sagittarius loves to get on with it. If you allow the Archer's verve to inspire you, you can climb to great heights together. Both of you have two different sides to your nature, so you'll need to be careful about staying in harmony with one another. Understand all the facets of your fiery partner's nature. Let the Archer see you as you are. Trust comes through honesty with Sagittarius. Enjoy! This is an ideal match. Top


The first encounter between Scales and Goat is intense, due to deep differences. You are attracted by the Goat's sexuality and by that strong, silent persona, while the Goat is impressed by your style and panache. This makes magnetism in the bedroom, but you are a creature of discussion where the Goat assimilates information. You weigh up propositions until the right answer comes, while the Goat will wait for sufficient facts, and then decide on a course of action. Your avid mental processes fascinate the Goat at first, but your conservative com-padre may tire of the constant need to debate things that don't lead directly to a decision. Libra the Scales and Capricorn the Sea-Goat are Cardinal Signs. This is a challenge, so you need to negotiate who's in charge. Neither surrenders easily. You try to accommodate, but you don't like to give up control. You'll find that the Goat is a creature who takes charge with determination, so somewhere along the line; you will struggle over who's the boss. Capricorn, an Earth Sign, is guided by practical concerns, where the Air of Libra loves to speculate. Goatish realism versus Scales idealism! If you don't compromise, you won't survive. Your Goat can be grounding where you can be uplifting - if you negotiate the process of communication. If you don't, Air blows across the face of Earth and passes, leaving things much as they were. It’s not an Ideal Match.  Top


Libra and Aquarius have much in common. You both have concerns about justice and fairness. You enjoy friendships, avoid conflict and live a life that reflects your compassionate views. Aquarius is strong and stable, yet adventurous and willing to break new ground. That cool, calm intellect and love of discovery is truly fascinating. Your first encounter is vivid and exciting. Aquarius delights in any new form of sexual expression (the more far-out the better) and you are fascinated with relationship in all its forms, especially with such a delightfully quirky creature. You like the way each other's minds work and share interests in music, theater and the arts. Of course, you both love parties and are interested in other people. A warning though: your tendency to idealize love and the loved one may become a little cloying for the emotionally detached Water Bearer. Your challenge will be to bring this distant, intellectual lover more into focus in the here and now, rather than viewing life and love as one ongoing experiment. Libra is a Cardinal Sign and so will gravitate to a position of control. Aquarius is a fixed sign and will resist a direction set by others. The Water Bearer is delighted by your style, panache and sociability, but Aquarius loves freedom, where Scales loves involvement - so there is more to be worked out here than meets the eye. Aquarius enjoys discussion, but has only a limited interest in the indecision to which you can fall victim. Don't always expect your Aquarian lover to participate in your personal concerns. The Water Bearer needs the freedom to move about and prefers the lively debate of a changing diet of interests. Two Air Signs can have trouble with grounding. You'd be wise to check your charts for a measure of practical earth energy to see if you'll be off on a cloud, or if you can actually get things done. In your Water Bearer, you have not only a genuine eccentric but also an enigma. At one extreme the Water Bearer will flout convention. At the other, Aquarius is conservative. Your judgement as to how to handle matters between you will be extremely important. In many ways, this is a perfect match, but you will need to recognize the subtle differences between you to make it work in the best possible way. Top


The Scales and the Fishes is an unusual match, but the attraction between you can be intense. Air and Water don't mix easily, so you'll have to be attentive to the Fishes' needs even though you won't always understand what they are. It's by no means an easy match, but when it does work, it has a special quality. Both of you have hidden sides, so you find comfort in a private world. However, in the world outside, the rules may change. Where you like to discuss, agonize and ponder, Fishes keep secrets and need solitude. Pisces does not always want you to penetrate the depths. It's a mysterious and emotional sign, so if you don't come to love the mystery, you won't have a road to travel. Still, the Fishes are talkative and humorous, so you have common ground to work with. Your gifts lie with the mind, where feeling is strong for the Fishes. You'll have a lot to discuss if you have a mutual interest in the arts or cultural activities. Both of you are dreamers in different ways and both idealists. The Scales is a Cardinal Sign and a leader where Fishes are Mutable and can easily work in and around another. Where you lead, the Fishes follow, but adaptable Pisces won't be pushed too hard. Overdo control and Fishes swim away. They're stronger than they look. A Pisces partner can sympathize with your bouts of hesitancy. They too suffer fears, worries and indecision. Pisces feels compassion for the state of the world, so your Fish can easily empathize with the social causes that move you. You don't combine easily, but this match can be something special if you come to understand one another. Pisces however, is notorious for selecting the wrong partner. If you don't gel, the attraction between you may be squandered or just fade away.  Top