Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Being the first sign of the Zodiac Aries are ruled by the hot and fiery Mars. Those born under Aries are, lively, energetic, daring and sometimes combative in achieving their goals taking the initiative in everything they do. As with any other star sign, Aries has its positive and negative traits, yet an Arian can never be accused of laziness in any form. They are pioneers and love to lead, exhibiting independence and freedom of expression in everything they do. Click to know about how they fare with other signs in the cosmic cycle.

Zodiac Sign Aries


The Ram is inclined to do things in bursts of enthusiasm, so two Rams together might move from a first date to the altar or at least to the bedroom in the beginning. The Ram is a leader and a pioneer who loves to come first, or be at the head of the queue. Thus, both will be competing to show off for their new found love or demonstrate your wares, recount their achievements and boast about their dreams at death-defying speeds. The meeting of two Rams can make for a fascinating mating dance, but can become a competition within no time flat. If they lock their horns and end in a battle to prove who's best, the fires of romance will incandesce and singe a few fleeces. It's no good getting carried away with enthusiasm if each heads in a different direction. Both are independent individuals and don't like feeling owned by anyone. Neither can tolerate being dominated by anyone else, so they make their own decisions, and direct their lives on their own. They respect one another's autonomy. Sometimes, however, there is too much emphasis on individualism rather than on being close and nurturing the relationship. Ego is a dominant factor in the relationship. Both are sensitive to criticism. Almost inevitably they will compete with each other, and in small doses this can be invigorating. But it easily becomes nasty, and one of them is likely to get hurt. Time and effort is required to make this relationship work. It’s not a match made in heaven. Top


When the mighty Ram meets gentle Bull. They seem to have much in common, great determination, point-blank honesty and an appetite for life. However, clear differences will soon emerge. The Ram's determination initiates and gets things done, but the Bull will take their own time to do things, stubbornly resisting any effort to push the pace. Aries periodically becomes gripped with an idea and wants to take an immediate action to act on it. Taurus prefers to fully perceive the whole idea and respond to situations with a more practical and cautious attitude. If Aries ever stumbles or fails, then Taurus will not miss an opportunity to remind them of their shortcomings. This can be infuriating to Aries and very detrimental to the relationship. Appreciation of each other's different approaches will help the relation grow harmoniously. Both should be able to adapt each other's style or habits. In the process, Taurus can help supply the reliability and consistent dedication needed to help bring Aries’s ideas and impulses to a fruitful completion. This is a tricky match that will take learning and adjustment by both. Fire and Earth is a difficult combination, which, however, might work well together with their joint determination, both being courageous and practical. But, if the mix doesn't gel, then they will walk away from each other. One should remember to put in a lot of efforts to make this relationship work. It’s a difficult match.  Top


Gemini certainly stimulates Aries. As the elements of fire and air interact quite explosively, Mars-ruled Aries finds an able and adaptable companion in Mercury-ruled Gemini. The enthusiasm and reckless courage of the Ram will have strong appeal to the restless and curious Twins. Both are active and on the go, and are more interested in the present than in the past. Once something has outlived its usefulness, they are ready to part with it and you go on to something new and have a low tolerance for boredom. The combination also shares a weakness in common: the inability to stick with things such as projects and relationships when they become dull or problematic. Neither wants a very clingy, dependent type of partner, and with one another there is a certain amount of independence that both enjoy. Sometimes the Ram will become impatient with the twins willingness to discuss an idea, and not really getting to the heart of the matter. Aries becomes abrupt, impatient, and tactless at such times. Under the circumstances, Gemini must realize that Aries simply does not have a taste for conversation, and must not rely too much on Aries for daily conversation. Handled positively, Gemini can provide lots of different perspectives on Aries's impulsive ideas. Gemini needs variety and stimulation. The Twins will be faithful as long as the Ram don't insist on being the sole focus. Aries and Gemini get on well. Together they may begin to take the relationship for granted. It is easy for either of them to seek fresh fields, as both enjoy the challenge of what is new and different. One should slow down and appreciate what the other has in such a versatile and willing partner. It could be a perfect match.  Top


At first, the attraction is intense, between Mars-ruled Aries, a Fire Sign, and Moon-ruled Cancer, a Water Sign. But they may soon come to realize the intensity is based on things they don't understand about one another. The bedroom lure is strong, but the rough Ram may soon cause the Crab to withdraw, who would always demand sensitivity and romance. Aries will be devoted to the demands of family and friends. Cancer, on the other hand, is very devoted to family needs and the inner, emotional needs of others. Aries may, without realizing it, selfishly accept Cancer's nurturing and giving attitude, while contributing relatively little to the relationship on an emotional level. Aries's need for autonomy and independence often conflicts with needs for closeness, intimacy, and mutual dependency. Aries seems selfish, impersonal, and indifferent to Cancer at times, and Cancer may feel too needy and emotionally sensitive compared to Aries. However, Aries can learn compassion from Cancer, and Cancer can learn to be more independent, but it's likely to be a rough road at times with much adjustment needed on both sides. This match demands mutual respect and clear boundaries. Without them, the relationship will fall apart. It’s not a so perfect match. Top


In many ways, this is an ideal match. Both Aries and Leo are Fire Signs, so are immediate and inspirational in each other. Both share a powerful determination to achieve new goals and are not afraid of hard work. The Big Cat's determination can complement the venturesome spirit of the Ram. Equally, the Aries independence of mind and action can broaden the Lion's fixity of purpose. They should listen to each other. Given harmonious placements of Mars and Venus, life in the bedroom will be exciting, so long as certain arrangements about power sharing are made. Both are independent, self-motivated individuals, very much concerned with their own creative work and interests. They should prefer not to own each other. Aries, however, often acts in a manner that is socially inappropriate while Leo is more aware of appearances and is more concerned with the response of others. Aries is somewhat indifferent to other people's opinions, while Leo craves approval and affirmation from others. They are both immensely proud and neither wants to take the back seat in the relationship. There is a great deal of harmony between the two, but being too spirited and volatile people, when they clash their fights are likely to be dramatic and boisterous. The Ram can inspire the Lion while the Lion can keep the Ram focused. However, the two should avoid becoming too self-involved. It's a perfect match.  Top


When Ram and Virgin meet there is passion in the air. The Virgin's sharp eye and hidden depths will be an attraction for the Lion. And Virgo, of course, admires the vigor and independence of a Leo. Honesty and a desire for the unadorned truth are virtues both the signs posses and value, though Virgo takes Aries' honest criticism better than Aries takes Virgo's. Some very basic differences in attitudes can be uncomfortable for each other at times: Aries tends to throw caution to the wind, while Virgo worries a great deal about details. Aries acts on impulse and intuition. Virgo is the more self-analytic of the two, while Aries is likely to be impatient with this at times. Virgo also tends to be more giving, and may end up serving to Aries. Both will need to make a lot of adjustments in order to accommodate the differences between each other. This is, therefore, not a perfect combination. One should contemplate deeply before they jump into this one.   Top


They are completely opposite signs - 180 apart on the zodiac wheel. To Libra an Aries crush is often viewed as too high strung, while Libras indecisiveness is often seen as shallow. A basic difference in their personalities is that Libra likes to look at both sides of an issue and consider any situation from every angle. Libra likes to discuss ideas with others, get their opinion, and sometimes has difficulty coming to a definitive decision. Aries is prone to be just the opposite, taking a strong, and more one-sided view of a situation and frequently is uninterested in hearing others' point of view. In order for the relationship to work, they will have to reconcile this basic difference in their personalities. Over time, Libra may feel that Aries is a selfish egotist and Aries may feel that Libra is a weak-willed. Libra makes many more compromises and accommodations for the relationship than Aries do. Greater appreciation and respect for each other than this is required to make this relationship work. But, if they work together on a common ground, a perfect balance could prevail between the two. It’s a difficult match.  Top


Love can be a bonfire between these two. Both are physical, energetic, and passionate about everything and this factor is a reason for the initial intense attraction because both will love this trait about each other when the fire of passion is burning bright. Sexually, everything should be fine - it's the emotional side of the relationship they can't handle. Each has a forceful personality and wants to control the other. Aries, however, can release anger and emotions and then forget about it, while Scorpio nurses grudges and resentments, and may hold on to the wounds that Aries unconsciously inflicts. Also, Scorpio needs to feel intensely bonded emotionally and Aries may not have the same overwhelming need for closeness. In the end, Scorpio's jealousy may prove to be the undoing. Aries' versatile interests make Scorpio feel insecure and that brings out Scorpio's tyrannical streak. Aries won't take orders and Scorpio will never take a back seat. This is an unstable partnership with a low ignition point. There is a lot of fire in the relationship and it’s most likely to fall apart unless both work on a common ground. This is a difficult match.  Top


The Ram and the Archer make an ideal combination, being the perfect embodiment of Fire's vigor and enthusiasm. Ram is a natural leader, while Archer is a free spirit who has no desire to be always in the front rank. Any issues about power and control can be sorted out peacefully. The ever enthusiastic Ram finds a true companion in the optimistic Archer. A sense of adventure and high spirited play infuse the relationship. Both feel they can be their true selves with one another and not have to tone down any of their exuberance and energy, the way they might with someone else. In fact, the Ram and the Archer inspire and vitalize one another's strength. Aries at times, clashes or competes with other strong individuals, but Sagittarius is tolerant, not threatened, and doesn't take the bait. Also, both need personal freedom and space, and even if they spend all of their time together, it’s unlikely to feel smothered in this relationship. It’s a perfect match.    Top


The Zodiac's youthful naiveté in Aries and Mars encounters Capricorn and Saturn, the wisdom of time and experience. There is intense interest at first. Both of you are active, motivated individuals, but Aries' focus is more on being self-reliant, independent and personally creative, while Capricorn likes to follow a well-planned, stable path to success. Aries feels very constrained and inhibited by social norms, schedules and employers, while Capricorn works well where there is a clear hierarchy and social order, such as in a large business, college curriculum, or military pecking order. The deathless enthusiasm of an Aries may grate on Capricorn after a time, so both will be required to learn to moderate. Equally, the goat partner will have to rise to the occasion and lift their spirits. Too much grim reality from the Goat and the ram will take a walk. Sometimes, Aries's impulsiveness and indifference to social customs clashes with Capricorn’s conservatism. But Aries can also give Capricorn sober encouragement, hope, and enthusiasm, and Capricorn can help Aries organize and direct abundant energy. This is a difficult match.   Top


The Aries enthusiasm and pioneering spirit will certainly be well matched by the curious and unconventional Aquarian. Both of are idealistic, brimming with new ideas they pursue together. Though Rams can get too excited at times, this needs to be watched during any debate over differences. In the end though, the Water Bearer will be patient enough to wait for the classic Ram performance to get over. There is a perfect understanding between the two. Both are also independent and active individuals who appreciate progressive, dynamic approaches to any situation or problem, and the relationship has lively, spirited quality and are also iconoclasts as well, taking pride in their individual freedom from many traditional values and beliefs. Aries is more concerned with personal creativity and, in some ways, less integrated into social groups and the community than Aquarius. All said and done this is a perfect match.    Top


Aries, the Ram, ruled by passionate Mars is a Fire Sign, and Pisces, the Fishes, ruled by healing Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, is a Water Sign, so the mixture can be quiet tricky. One should remember to put time and effort into getting to understand one another if they want the relationship to work out. Aries is more decisive and direct, but also somewhat more naive and simple (psychologically speaking) than Pisces is. The two can balance one another. Aries depends on Pisces's sensitivity and gentleness to soothe, heal, and provide a sanctuary from the world of competing and achieving. Pisces, on the other hand, admires and probably needs Aries' forthrightness, honesty, and willingness to act boldly. Pisces is more of a giver, and can be very self-denying, while Aries is self-absorbed, and can unintentionally take advantage of Pisces' generosity. Aries also lacks tact and subtlety sometimes and inadvertently wounds Pisces' tender feelings. However, this doesn't mean that the traffic is all one way. Intuitive Pisces will at times take action, move ahead or even just drift away apart that straightforward Aries will find daunting to say the least. With time, patience and a loving understanding, this can blossom into one of the more unusual relationships in the Zodiac. This is not a match made in heaven.   Top