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Bowl of candles for Father's Day

Make a bowl of candles for the centerpiece of the Daddy's Day Dinner.

All you will need :

1) a suitable bowl*,
2) sand (clean and dry),
3) colored candles
(preferably of darker shades) in different sizes*,
4) a range of sea shells
5) colorful stones of colored glass (optional)

*Use a bowl which has a lovely rim or highly decorated exterior.
Colorful stones of colored glass pebbles could also be used to cover the sand.

The sizes of the candles should be fixed according to the depth of the bowl.
So, none of them comes shorter than the height of the bowl's rim.
And also pick up one candle taller than the rest of the lot.


Place the tallest candle securely in the middle of the bowl.

TIP: Hold the burning candle upside down.
Instead of holding it straight downward,
tilt it downward to protect your hand from the heat of the flaming tip.
Now the burning tip inclines down on to the spot where you are going to fix it up.
Within a few seconds molten wax starts dripping to make a small pool of wax.
Place the flat end of the candle before the pooled wax gets hardened.
Wait a few seconds. When the candle is secured, blow out the flame.


Now, place shorter candles around the central candle.
Depending on the size of the bowl,
you better have the room for more than one rows of candles,
with each row getting smaller towards the edge of the bowl.
Remember, blow out the fixed up candles
before you are going to work with other candles.
Don't worry, if a couple of candles falls while you're placing the candles.
Just let them stay where they are, until the last one is fixed.


Fill the bowl two-thirds full with sand.
Now all the candles should jut out of the sand filled bowl,
with around half of their bodies buried in the sand.
And the tallest one at the center will be the highest burning pole.
Well, the fallen candle(s), if, still any, will be taken care of by the sand itself.
And, all you have to do is to plant it deep inside the sand.


Once the candles are in position, lit them up. Now, arrange a variety of pretty shells around them to cover up the sand completely.
Make an arrangement so the dad is filled with the glow.

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