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Gift Ideas for Happy Father's Day!

The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!
~ Anonymous

Fathers, like mothers, are one of the greatest gifts that God presents us with in our lives. The love, care, support, guidance and teachings are some of dads' best gifts to us that we can never reciprocate. What we can do, however, is give them back the same love that they treated us with and acknowledge their contribution in our lives. Father's Day provides us with the splendid opportunity to do so. It is the occasion to express our love and affection for our fathers, thank them for all the pains they took for us, apologize for all the hurts we caused them and hand over a present. But so commercialized have things become today that gifts sometimes look and sound a mere formality. TheHolidaySpot brings to you some interesting gift ideas that cost nothing in monetary terms but are valuable when you consider their emotional worth. If you like our inexpensive gift ideas for Father's Day, use them in your celebrations this year and please click here to refer this page and share these ideas with your friends. Happy Father's Day!

Father’s Day is always very special to both father and his child. It’s a day to recollect all the sweet memories of childhood. These memories and quality time spend together with father are cherished all throughout life. Father is a person who holds our hands right from our childhood days and teach us how to go ahead in life. The bonding between father and his child is unbreakable to be honest. The love and affections of the father for his child are always very special all over the world. It’s not dependent on any geographical or religious boundaries. Father’s Day is the appropriate occasion to show respect and pay tribute to a person who has always been inspiration for his child. For such a special person, we have accumulated some exquisite gift ideas. Choose the best one for your father and make this day even more special for both of you.

Father's day gifts ideas

  1. Father’s Day love book with your loving touch: Let your father know how special he is to you. It’s the perfect occasion to let him realize the reasons which for he is the best. Each and every page of the enthralling love book should be well decorated with reasons for which you love your dad. Either you can buy a book on your own and personalize it or else you can start the job from the scratch. Your personal touch in the love book would surely make your dad an emotional man on the day.

  2. Hand print photo frame: The specialty of this particular frame is definitely your own hand written card and the sketch. Write a poem on the card and it should include the lists of good words and lessons that you have learnt from your father. Show your father with this frame that how these lessons actually made a mark in your life and how these lessons in reality made you what you are now.

  3. 3. A classic white mug with classical speeches: Order a special mug and ask them to print a smiling picture of your father at one side of it. On the other side, write few great quotes which have been admired and liked since time immemorial. As example: Money doesn’t grow on trees or Life isn't meant to be easy, it’s meant to be lived.

  4. Personalized art work: Take a canvas. If you like to draw portraits, then go ahead and draw some. All of these should display poignant and touching pictures of both of you. Otherwise, you can buy it from market for saving time as well.

  5. Backyard Basket for your father: A tub of treats would be the order of the day. Arrange and assemble some items of your father’s choice. Put those into the tub or basket and bejewel it properly with colorful ribbons.

    Father's day gifts ideas

  6. Gadgets for father: You must know by now what kind of gadget your father likes. If it’s a cell phone, then purchase the best one for your father in order to stay in touch with your guide and philosopher. To make the gift even more valuable, upload an old and priceless picture of you and your father to spread the message of togetherness.

  7. Brownie for your loving father: Choose your father’s favorite brownie and give it to your father. It would be a pleasant experience for both of you for sure.

  8. Arrange a dinner: Book a table for three, you, your father and your mother for dinner on father’s day. Pick the best restaurant of your town. Ask your father and mother to come along with you. It would be a dinner to remember for a long time.

  9. A perfume of his choice: Search for an expensive perfume of your father’s choice. Get one and give it to your father with a lot of love. He deserves a hug from you as well on this very special day.

  10. Preppy watch: A sporty watch for your father would actually be a nice gift. Today the concept of giving the watch with a personalized touch is prevalent. You can print a picture of your father on the dial. Choose the watch color according to the choice of your father. Have a happy and prosperous father’s day.

  11. Prepare a special meal for him: This is a perfect time to cook up for your poppa a culinary delight. Whatever sex you are, it would be a grand idea for you to make an effort and cook daddy's favorite dishes. For daughters especially, there is no better way to please dad than to cook for him a sumptuous Father's Day meal in the afternoon/evening. But if cooking up a full-course meal feels difficult, you can do better to try your hand at preparing a breakfast for dad on this eve. On the big day, get up in the morning before he does, sneak into the kitchen, prepare your dad's favorite dish and give him a surprise.

  12. Finish Pending Chores for Daddy: If there are some pending works for him in the form of unpaid bills, shopping or even fixing an appliance at home, why not do it for him? These are small gestures that speak volumes about your care and concern for daddy.

  13. Write a Father's Day Letter: In case you are staying away from daddy for some reason and unable to meet him in person, write a letter to him. Father's Day is an occasion that celebrates the personal bond. So do not go only for sending a card as it lacks the personal touch that comes in with a letter. You can however attach a card to it. As an alternative, you can send a lengthy e-mail, an e-greeting for Father's Day, and also have an extended chat on phone and share happy memories with him. Even if it can not compensate for your physical absence, it will make sure that your Daddy does not feel alone on the day when his peers enjoy attention from their kiddies.

  14. Send SMSes: One of the quickest and easiest ways to get across your feelings for papa is by sending him SMSes. Send a series of SMSes to him telling him what he means for you. If you have a problem with words, you can go over our mind-blowing collection of Father's Day SMSes and put them to use.

  15. Say Thanks and apologize to Dad: Father's Day is a golden opportunity for us to thank our fathers for all the pains they have taken for us right from the day we were born. This is the time when you too can thank your dad and show gratitude for all his support and love. Also apologize to him for any past misdeed of yours. As children, we often take the love and affection of our parents for granted and treat them rudely, in an insensitive way. Sometime or other, you must have behaved like that with your dad? This is your chance to make amends to him. With the help of a gift and a sweet greetings card to speak on your behalf, you can do both.

  16. Present a Handcrafted Greetings: You can construct your own greetings for the occasion. It will add the personal touch that is required for the day. And if you can do so, create a poem about him on your own and use it as the text of your card. Dad will be surprised at your poetic skills.

  17. Present a Handcrafted Gift: This one will be a great one for your dad. If you possess the ingenuity, the creativity and have a good idea in your head, combine all three and put to good use by making a gift for your dad all by yourself. It would be a cherished gift for your Dad for it will be something made by your hands and with your love. Just imagine how proud he is going to feel showing the handcrafted gift of love by his darling kid to his friends? To enhance the effect on him, you can accompany your gift with a bouquet of his favorite flowers.

  18. Make a Family Video: A fun filled activity on Father's Day is to make a video on your Dad. This needs a bit of secrecy as it requires you to sneak on papa and catch him on your camera at different moments of the day, brushing his teeth, getting ready for work, fixing an appliance, working at his computer and the like. You can then add your own voiceover that would reveal your opinion about him, what it is that you like him and why he is so lovable to all. You can also get other members of your family, and if possible his friends, relatives and colleagues, to present their views on him in advance. Then show this video to dad on his special day. Watch the amazement on his face.

  19. Play Dad's Favorite Sports: Another fun activity for Father's Day is to play with him his favorite game or sport. He would love to play with his kids and all the more if you manage to defeat him. If you can bring in some of your dad's old friends it will be all the better. It will give him great joy. Alternatively you can also arrange for a picnic at one of your dad's favorite haunt and thus, make the day a truly special one for him.

  20. Organize a Family Get Together: Can you organize a get together of all members of your extended family? Chances are, with the help of your mom and informing them from beforehand, you can invite all your uncles, aunts, cousins and even family friends to your shack on the big day. It would give him much pleasure to meet and be close to so many relatives on his special day. With proper food arrangements, activities and games you can make the day an exciting one. It will be nothing short of a great Father's Day Party. And if you can pull off it all, your Father's Day is sure going to be a great success.

  21. Spend a Day with Daddy: Lastly, make sure that you spend some quality time with your dad on Father's Day, whatever your other commitments are. Occasions like this don't come often, and it is times like these that help you to get closer to your daddy and strengthen the bond between the two of you. Talk and share your feelings with daddy. Parents always look forward to a hearty tete-a-tete with their offsprings. Sharing your thoughts with daddy will fill him with as much joy as it will to you. And that is what Father's Day is all about.

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