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Relationship with your Dad

Clichés and "I Love you papa" apart your relationship with your father is something that builds up over years, unlike that with your mother. While trusting your instinct is the besst advice one can get on this, here are few guidelines to follow.

relationship with fathers

Know Your Bond:

Everyone is an individual, so each father-daughter or Father Son relationship is unique. Assess yours clearly, without comparing how others may be having their relationship with their dad. If you have always had a staunch, strict father. He is not going to turn into “daddy cool” overnight. It is up to you to work out ways to bond within the board framework of your existing relationship, and work on changes slowly. Every situation is unique, and you are the master of your situation.


Sometimes, the only way you can be a good daughter is by communicating well with him. This does not mean that you need to call or mail him everyday, yet you must take enough time out. It should be something that you and he are fine with, and not just any time that you are free. Remember, you might not be friends with your dad, and that is perfectly fine; yet a little "friendliness" goes a long way in strengthening your love and bond with him. So make calls, sit with him to talk whenever possible, and be a good listener. Make your points by explaining them to him, not by fighting it out.

Take Time Out:

Spouse and children aside, your father should be an intrinsic part of your scheme of things. If you live in the city, meet him few times a month and re-live good times. May be there was this one particular ice-cream parlor your dad loved taking you to, or a particular TV show that you both enjoyed - plan and revisit. Old memories strengthen old relationship.


Parents do not always expect their children to follow them - not any more – yet they do expect you to listen to them. You might not always agree with your father's ideas and thoughts, but paying him attention is something you can do. Do not make him feel unimportant, because he is not. At least he deserves respect from you. Whenever possible, try to follow through with his suggestions – remember he is older and has more life experience; hence you have all the more reason to listen to what he says. People who have already lost their father, know how important his suggestions and support were.

relationship with fathers

Make him fell wanting:

Your dad may not call you and say "I love you", but that does not mean that you cannot. Don’t assume that he will always be available for you at the drop of a hat, yet a little dependence is likely to make him feel good and wanted. Also, if he was always there for your birthdays when you were growing up, you should also make the effort to be there for his next birthday.

Do Not Be Negative:

You might have had your share of ups and downs with your father, but learn to let go. In case you have not bonded that much when you were growing up, do it now - it is never too late to begin a new .Go beyond the ‘papa you love bro more’ sort of sentiment - it's time to forget and move on. If you do not, trust me, you will regret heavily and would never be able to forgive yourself when he is not there.

My Father's Best Advice

Fathers have a habit of giving advices to their children, whether they like it or not. All of us have grown up listening to our fathers "golden" advices, most of which we did not like hearing in our childhood but find valuable now. If you are lucky enough to have a father, you must have been showered with some fatherly advices too? We all have and most of us still do, for children never grow up for their dads.

But his words are really golden. The years of growing up and getting even with the world has sure made our dads wiser and we all need listening to the big guy after all. For many, their fathers' advices are lessons that remain forever with them and guide them at all junctures of life.

What was the best advice dad ever gave you? Send it in to us and we will publish it right here after a review.

We bring you some of the commonest advices provided to us by our fathers:

  • Don't give excuses. They will not take you anywhere in life.

  • Money comes and goes, but friendship and family is what is worth the most.

  • Try your best. Even if you fail at something, you will at least have the satisfaction of giving it your best shot!

  • Always tell the truth/Never tell a lie. Stick with the truth and the chips will fall where they should.

  • The sun always rises and sets again tomorrow.

  • Think before you act.

  • You have to make your own choices.
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