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Quiz on Father's Day

It’s not a bad idea to scratch your brain a bit before celebrating a very popular event of the year. If you get such a rare opportunity to be acquainted with some of the unheard stories of father’s day and acquire knowledge, then that would just be the order of the day. Isn’t it? Here we go! We provide you that opportunity to dive in the ocean of knowledge on father’s day. Just participate in the quiz and know it for yourself. Make it a day to remember.

Father's Day Quiz

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Answer the questions below.

1. In your opinion, who were the "Founding Fathers"?

2. The "Holy Father" in Roman Catholic Church is:

3. Who is popularly known as the "father of History"?

4. Who is the "father of the universe" according to the Greek myth?

5. Who is renowned as the "Father Time"?

6. Who’s known as "the Father of the Symphony"?

7. Saint Nicholas, the martyr behind the "Father Christmas" myth, is from which part of the world?

8. Who is referred as the "Great White Father"?

9. Who is considered famously as the "Father of Medicine"?

10. When the Father's Day is actually celebrated?

11. Who was the strongest promoter of Father's Day?

12. Mr. Dodd was a famous veteran of which of these wars?

13. The idea of Father's Day was actually approved by which president in the year 1916?

14. Father's Day became a national event in which year?

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