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Quiz on Father's Day

It's not a bad idea to scratch your brain a bit before celebrating a very popular event of the year. If you get such a rare opportunity to be acquainted with some of the unheard stories of father's day and acquire knowledge, then that would just be the order of the day. Isn't it? Here we go! We provide you that opportunity to dive in the ocean of knowledge on father's day. Just participate in the quiz and know it for yourself. Make it a day to remember.

Father's Day Quiz

How much do you know about Father's Day? Try this fantastic Father's Day quiz and see how much you can score on this question and answers game on Father's Day.

Free Online Father's Day Quiz

All Father's Day Quiz Questions:

  1. In your opinion, who were the "Founding Fathers"?
  2. The "Holy Father" in Roman Catholic Church is -
  3. This person is known as the "Father of History" -
  4. According to Greek mythology, this person is called the "father of the universe" -
  5. He is renowned as the Father of Time -
  6. No other, but him, is called the Father of Symphony -
  7. St. Nicholas is the popular martyr of the Father Christmas belief. He hails from -
  8. I am known as the Great White Father -
  9. I am popularly considered as the Father of Medicine -
  10. The day when the world celebrates happy Father's Day -
  11. Do you know the name of the strongest promoter of Father's day? It is -
  12. Mr. Dodd was a fampus veteran of the war of -
  13. He is the US president in the year 1916, who approved the idea of Father's Day -
  14. This is the year when Father's Day became a national event -
  15. Father's Day is believed to have been first observed on -
  16. Father's Day is believed to have been first observed in a church located in Fairmont -
  17. President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the third Sunday in June as Father's Day in this year -
  18. This lady is believed to have introduced the idea of celebrating Father's Day -
  19. In Thailand, Father's Day is celebrated on this day -
  20. In the Roman Catholic tradition, Father's Day is celebrated on this day -
  21. In Taiwan, Father's Day is known as -
  22. What is Father's Day known as in Germany?
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