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The Father-Son Bond

The month of June brings along Father's Day, that lovely holiday dedicated to fathers and fatherhood. It is an occassion that stands special for evbery father and his child. TheHolidaySpot brings you a wonderful articxle on the lovely father-son relationship. If you like this article on "The Father-Son Bond", click here and share it with your friends and loved ones. Celebrate Father's Day with TheHolidaySpot!

Out of all family relationships, the parent-child relation happens to be one of the most beautiful and noblest bonds that make the home so beautiful. But the father-son bond is like none other, for it represents the holiest and most pure form of relationship that can exist between two persons belonging to the male gender.

father and son enjoying

Though parents begets their children and serve as their nurturer, protector, rearer and caregiver, their relationship can vary from the strict and cold type to the friendlier and lighter bond that exists in most homes today. Today, parents are expected to be the friend, philosopher and guide of their kids. With changed attitudes, the father-son relationship has got friendlier and a far cry from earlier times when it used to be characterized by strictness and composure.

TheHolidaySpot provides a few tips to all fathers to help them relate better with their sons:

Guide your children without being commanding. A lot of fathers impose their thoughts and beliefs harshly on their children which the latter find hard to swallow and resentment follows as a result. Try to make your son understand why you want him to behave and act in a certain way, rather than forcing the point upon him. Convince him that the path your son chooses may be difficult for him and you know that by the years of experience you have.

Practice what you preach. Children find it difficult to follow their parents if they themselves do not follow what they expect of their children. Be a good model that your children find worth imitating and you will earn their respect, love and admiration without any extra effort.

Communicate with your son. Most fathers have a cold relation with their sons that almost border on the bitter with any hint of objection or opposition on the part of the former. The key to understand your son is to talk with him more. Even if the subject of conversation between you two is something downright silly or of no importance at all, it will enhance your friendship with your son and make him feel secure with the knowledge that his father will be all ears for everything he ever has to say.

Do you two have a common hobby? Even if you do not, try to share a hobby with your son. It is a great way to connect and strengthen your bond with him. The little things that you teach him during the process will make him more open to your guidance and lessons concerning the more serious aspects of life. It is also a nice way of spending time together and getting to know your son from close quarters.

Be as open minded as possible. Your thoughts may not match with those of your sons, but that does not mean he is totally wrong. His ideas may also be right according to this changed age and times. Delve deep into his head and try to understand his opinions through his mind. That will help you know him better and realize the reasons behind his sudden outburst of irritation or his refusal to listen to you. Do not harp on the disobedience of your son, Rather, try to understand the cause behind his actions and behaviours and treat him accordingly.

Father-son bonding

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