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Father's Day Tips for Single Fathers

Father's Day is the holiday dedicated in honour of fatherhood and fathers. It is not easy being a father in the true sense, but bringing up children is more difficult for a single father. Without the assistance of a woman, it is tough for a man - generally seen as more of a breadwinner and less an affectionate caregiver, to raise his kids and attend to his duties at the same time. So this Father's Day, TheHolidaySpot provides all single dads with useful tips that, if implemented, can bring them a lot closer to their children and help them manage both fronts of their lives with greater ease. If you like this article, "Father's Day Tips for Single Fathers", click here and refer this article to your friends (who are single dads). Celebrate Father's Day with TheHolidaySpot!

These useful tips are for all single fathers who are looking for ways to raise their children as well as keep their professional life sailing smooth.

Never Badmouth Her

Dad scolding his daughterIf you are divorced from your wife and your kids stay with her for some months of the year, make sure that they love and respect her. Never say bad things about him before your kids as that will alienate them from their mother as well as add further bitterness into your relationship with her. As they grow up, try to take them into into confidence and tell them what went wrong between you two (if you feel that's possible) so that the little ones do not grow up with any misconception about their parents. She might not have been a good wife to you but your bad-mouthing her may ruin all her chances to be a good mother to your children. Once your kids find you respecting their mother, they will respect her as well as you.

Be Gentle

be gentle towards childrenDeal gently with your kids. If you are a widower, you kids might be having much problems to cope with the loss of their mother and accept the fact that they have only one parent. Be soft to your kids as much as you can. You must of course, be strict with them when the need arises. But never keep the tension for long enough, as that might affect them badly. Make them understand what they did wrong, what behaviour you expect from them and show your loving side afterwards. They will understand that you want their well-being and their resentment will not stay long.

Spend Quality Time

Spending quality time with chidrenNo matter how busy you are, try to spend some quality time with your kids. In the absence of one more parent, it is natural that your kids will long for your company. At least an hour of a good time together can negate your daylong absence for them. Listen to them more than you talk about yourself. Simple gossiping about the topics of their interest or showing enthusiasm for their preferences will make the day memorable for you, as well as for them. Even when at work, give them a call now and then to show you are always there for them.

Divide your time

A good working mother has to divide her time equally between her home and workplace. Try to manage time as well as you can. Endless chats with colleagues or friends after working hours are not going to help your relationship with children or take them anywhere in life. The more your kids get to spend time with you, the more are they going to learn from you and be emotionally secure with your loving care and support. Your career is important but does it matter more than your kids?

Hugs 'n Kisses

Father giving hug and kisses to his daughterA hug and a kiss is a powerful medicine that can drive away any blues. Every morning, as your kids get up, wrap them with your arms and tell how much you love them with all your affection. Repeat this at night as they are about to go to bed. Such affectionate gestures will show your children that you love them and care about them and make them emotionally more stable. You will be surprised at how close these bring you to your children.

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