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Happy Father's Day in Different Languages

Annually observed in the month of June, Father's Day is the joyful holiday that is special for every dad and his kids. If you are an avid celebrant of Father's Day and are looking for ways to make the occassion more special for your daddy, look no further than TheHolidaySpot that brings you a wonderful article on how to say "Happy Father's Day" in different languages. You can use these on your Father's Day greeting cards/e-cards/gift cards and give your dad a pleasant surprise during the occassion. If you find this article "Happy Father's Day in Different Languages" useful, do not forget to click here and share the article with your friends and dear ones. Celebrate Father's Day with TheHolidaySpot!

Father's Day is observed in various nations of the world and the most popular wish associated to the occasion is of course, "Happy Father's Day". The table beneath shows the translation of the phrase according to different languages. Check it out to know how "Happy Father's Day" is uttered in various languages.

Language Translation
Albanian Gëzuar ditën e babait
Armenian Բարի հայրերու օր:
Dutch De gelukkige Dag van Vaders
Finland Hyvää Isänpäivää
French Bonne fête des pères
German Gl¨¹cklicher Vatertag
Greek χρόνια πολλά
Hungarian Boldog apák napját
Indonesian Selamat hari ayah
Italian Giorno di padri felice
Persian روز پدر مبارک
Polish Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji dnia ojca
Portugese Dia de pais feliz
Portugese (Brazilian) Feliz dia dos pais
Portugese (European) Feliz dia do pai
Russian Счастливый день отцов
Slovak Všetko najlepšie ku dňu otcov
Spanish Feliz Dia del Padre
Swedish Grattis på farsdagen
Tamil Thanthaiyar Thina NalvaazhththukkaL
Turkish Babalar günü kutlu olsun
Urdu یوم والد مبارک