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Fathers Day Flowers

Want to present your Dad with bunch of flowers? Well present it with perfection. Many are ignorant of the true meaning each flowers convey. So here’s a detailed information for you, going through which you are sure to get idea as to which flower to dedicate. So choose the kind which you want to present and epitomise your Dad with the kind.

to my dear father

A gift for God's greatest blessing to you - your Dad, Pop, Papa - in the form of a flower bouquet is a wonderful way to show him how much he means to you. Remember that all men and, especially your father, have a soft corner for flowers that convey a special unspoken message to them.

A bunch of red roses will convey your reverence and love for him. Tropical flowers make a bold statement to the fathers by portraying masculinity because of their sturdy, long lasting nature. These make an ideal choice for this occasion.

Men also like flowers in hot, bold and aggressive colors like yellows, oranges or purples and reds, for example: Tulips Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Asters, etc. Most men prefer linear arrangements.

As the carnations are considered as the symbolic and traditional flower of Mother's Day, Rose, the very beautiful and king of all flowers, was chosen as the official flower for Father's Day. It is said that the founder of the Father's Day Festival, Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, gave the idea of choosing Rose as the traditional flower of Father's Day. 

People follow the custom of wearing rose on Father's Day to express gratitude for their dads in several countries. According to the tradition, if a person wears red rose, it symbolizes that his/her father is alive. The white rose indicates that he is deceased. 


A brief note about the Rose The Rose is regarded as the most beautiful flower. The plant rose has its origins from a shrub of the genus Rosa. The popular color of Rose is red but roses of other colors like yellow, pink, white and peach also exist. Shaded roses are also quite popular nowadays. The Old English word rose came from the Latin word ‘rosa’ which is believed to have been an adoption of the Greek word ‘rhodon’ "rose." 

Father's Day Lily Lily is also considered to be the traditional flower for Father's Day because J.H. Berringer, who also organized Father's Day celebrations in Washington State in 1912, selected a white lilac as the Father's Day Flower. 

Care for Father's Day Flowers

The following tips will help you keep the flowers fresh this Father’s Day:

  1. 1. Water is the most important factor of flower care. Make sure the flowers are kept in water.
  2. 2. Keep the flowers in a cool and pleasant atmosphere. Warm temperatures tend to shorten the life of the blooms.
  3. 3. Once the flowers start to wilt, take out the stem from the arrangement and cut the stem again before submerging the entire flower in warm water.
  4. 4. Potted plants also serve as popular gifts. As stated above, keep them in a cool ambience.

By Kinjal Sen

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