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Father's Day Movie Suggestions

As a kid, we all love to listen to stories and as we grow up, movies satisfy this primeval inclination in us. An irresistible cocktail of audio and visual mediums, movies bring alive countless stories and characters whom we can identify and laugh and cry with. This Father's Day, TheHolidaySpot suggests you some wonderful movies that you can watch with your dad during the occassion and make the day a more special one for you two. If you like our "Father's Day Movie Suggestions", click here and refer this page to your buddies so that they too can have a great time catching these awesome flicks with their dads. Celebrate Father's Day with all you know and have a great time with TheHolidaySpot!

These lovely movies are centred on the wonderful father-child relationship and make for appropriate Father's Day watching. Enjoy these nice Father's Day films and celebrate the day!

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful Genre: Comedy/Romance Drama/War.
Director: Roberto Benigni
Main Cast: Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Georgio Cantarini, Horst Buchholz, Giustino Durano, Marisa Paredes and Dirk van den Berg.
Year of Release: 1998.

Soon before World War II in Italy, Guido and his friend travel from the country to the city in order to get jobs. Guido eventually hopes to open a bookstore. In the meantime he works in a hotel with his uncle and courts a schoolteacher named Dora. Guido’s clownish charm eventually wins Dora away from her odious fiancé. A few years pass, and Guido and Dora have married and had a son named Joshua. Henceforth their life passes through turmoil.

Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son Genre: Comedy/Science Fiction/Fantasy.
Director: Rod Daniel.
Main Cast: Dudley Moore, Kirk Cameron, Sean Astin, Patrick O'Neal and Margaret Colin.
Year of Release: 1987.

High school senior Chris Hammond (Kirk Cameron) and his father Jack (Dudley Moore) share a great relationship. But they are about to come even closer when a scientific experiment causes them to switch brains. Thus, each of them gets trapped in the others body leading to hilarious circumstances. It also helps them learn more about each others lives in a way that they never expected!

Father and Scout

Father and Scout Genre: Comedy.
Director: Richard Michaels.
Main Cast: Bob Saget, Brian Bonsall, Heidi Swedberg, Stuart Pankin and David Graf.
Year of Release: 1994.

A nerdy dad is afraid of everything that has got anything to do with outdoor activities. When he takes his Eagle-Scout-in-training son on a camping trip, things naturally go wrong and some amusing incidents follow.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Father and Scout Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Comedy of Errors.
Director: Chris Columbus.
Main Cast: Robin Williams, Sally Fieldl, Mara Wilson, Pierce Brosnan and Lisa Jakub.
Year of Release: 1993.

How far would an ordinary father go to spend more time with his children? Daniel Hillard is no ordinary father, so when he learns that his ex-wife needs a housekeeper, he applies for the job. With the perfect wig, a little makeup, and a dress for all occasions, Daniel becomes Mrs. Doubtfire, a devoted British housekeeper who is hired on the spot. Free to be the "woman" he never knew he could be the one; the disguised Daniel creates a whole new life with his entire family.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Director: Dennis Dugan.
Main Cast: Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams, Jon Stewart, Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse.
Year of Release: 1999

Sonny Koufax (Adam Sandler) is a slacker, working only part time and hanging around New York, having collected a big payout after a car accident. But things change when a 5-year-old boy named Julian turns up, claiming to be the son of his roommate Kevin. But Kevin has got nothing to do with Julian and he leaves for a work assignment in China, leaving Sonny with the kid. The shirker in Sonny wants to ship Julian to Social Services, until it occurs to him that the boy could help him win back his ex-girlfriend. He becomes an instant daddy, and makes a deal with the kid allowing the latter the freedom to dress and act as he chooses. While his idea works and he succeeds in winning back his love, Sonny also forms a close bond with Julian, much like a father would.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance and Sequel.
Director: Steven Spielberg.
Main Cast: Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliott, River Phoenix and John Rhys-Davies.
Year of Release: 1989.

The ace adventurer Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) returns again and this time he attempts to find the Holy Grail with the help of his father Professor Henry Jones, played brilliantly by Sean Connery. But he must overcome the perils of his dangerous journey and also outwit the Nazis who are seriously threatening his mission for their own quest of immortality. A modern classic, this one is sure to make your Father's Day a memorable one!


Paternity Genre: Comedy.
Director: David Steinberg.
Main Cast: Burt Reynolds, Beverly D'Angelo, Norman Fell and Elizabeth Ashley.
Year of Release: 1981.

A casanova bachelor (Burt Reynolds) decides that he wants to father a child, without the responsibilities of marriage. So he sets out to hire a surrogate mother, leading to hilarious results. Excellent performances from everyone in the cast.

I Never Sang for My Father

I Never Sang for My Father Genre: Drama.
Director: Gilbert Cates.
Main Cast: Melvyn Douglas, Gene Hackman, Estelle Parsons, Dorothy Stickney and Elizabeth Hubbard.
Year of Release: 1970.

Based on Robert Anderson's semi-autobiographical stage play, this moving drama centres around a middle-aged widower (Gene Hackman) who is still trying to win the approval of his distant father. When circumstances demand him to move far away to marry the woman he loves, he must choose what is important to him, going out to seek his own happiness or staying to care for his crotchety parent and fulfill his duties?
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