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Father's Day Poems | Father's Day Inspirational Poems

Poems can be treated as a metrical way of professing one's emotions. we are sharing with you shortly and long Best Fathers day poems from Son & Daughter which are something special . Thus dedicating a poem to your father in order to express your profound love can be a better option on this Father's day. Check out the collection of Father's day inspirational themed poems enlisted below and feel free to dedicate those to your beloved father as well to the father figures present in your life. And if you like the collection, make sure you refer this page to your friends as well so that they can do the same and as well dedicate the poems to their respective fathers as well.

Father's Day Poems for Daughter and Son

Thank You Dad!

A hero's heart, a gentle hand, Our father, strong, we understand.
He built our dreams with laughter's sound, A guiding light on life's vast ground.

From wobbly steps to reaching high, He cheered us on, a watchful eye.
He taught us kindness, courage too, The strength to dream, the will to pursue.

Bike rides fast, with wind in hair, Building forts, a joyful lair.
Fixing bikes, with patient grace, Teaching us skills to find our place.

He shared his wisdom, stories told, Of heroes brave and hearts of gold.
He nurtured dreams, both big and small, Believing in us, stood through it all.

Now grown we are, with wings unfurled, His love a compass in our world.
For all he gave, with warmth and pride, Our grateful hearts, forever tied.

Father's Day Poem - Grateful To Have You As My Dad

  • My Father, My Hero

    My father, my hero,
    You've always been there,
    Guiding me through life's ups and downs,
    Showing me that you care.

    You've taught me to be strong,
    To persevere and never give in,
    To always stand up for what's right,
    And to never let life win.

    You've been my rock, my support,
    My shining light in the dark,
    And I am so grateful for all
    The love you've given from your heart.

    On this Father's Day, I want you to know,
    How much you mean to me,
    You are my hero, my inspiration,
    And I will always love you, endlessly.

    "A Father's Love"
    A father's love is strong and true,
    A guiding force, a light for you,
    In good times and in bad,
    He's always there, a loving dad.

    He teaches you to be kind and wise,
    To see the world through loving eyes,
    To find joy in the simple things,
    And to spread your wings and take on life's swings.

    He's there to catch you when you fall,
    To lift you up and help you stand tall,
    He's your rock, your support,
    A loving presence you can always count.

    On this Father's Day, I want to say,
    Thank you for all you've done,
    For your love, your guidance, your unwavering support,
    And for being my amazing dad, number one.

  • Dad's the Best

    Dad's the best, there's no denying,
    A friend for life, always reliable and undying.
    From silly jokes to serious talks,
    He's always there for us, through thick and thin walks.

    He's the one who taught us to ride our bike,
    The one who never laughed when we told him we like Mike.
    He's the one who took us to our first ballgame,
    And made us smile even when we were feeling lame


    On this Father's Day, we celebrate,
    Our dad, our friend, our ultimate mate.
    We raise our glasses, and toast with cheer,
    To the best dad in the world, who we hold dear.

    Father's Day Fun

    It's Father's Day, let's have some fun, Get out the grill, let's cook and run. We'll make burgers, hot dogs, and fries, And enjoy the sunshine under clear blue skies.

    We'll play some catch, and toss a ball, And have a game of basketball. We'll laugh and joke, and share some stories, And create memories that will last for all our glories.

    Dad's our buddy, our pal, our guide, A loving presence by our side. So let's enjoy this day with him, And make it a celebration, filled to the brim.

    On this Father's Day, let's raise a toast, To our dad, our friend, who we love the most. Let's make this day one to remember, Filled with joy, laughter, and fun, forever.

  • Father's Day In Heaven

    I love you and I miss you, Dad,
    and though you've passed away,
    you'll never be forgotten,
    for I think of you each day.
    If heaven celebrates this day
    how special it will be.
    A gathering of the many dads
    upon our family tree.
    Your father and grandfather
    and great grandfather too.
    How wonderful it is, if they
    can spend this day with you.
    By Ron Tranmer May you know how much I love you
    though I'm here and you are there.
    Happy Father's Day in heaven
    to the best dad anywhere!
    ~ By Ron Tranmer
  • You Mean So Much To Me

    How can I ever tell you what how much you mean to me?
    When you are around the grass always seems to be green.
    You lighten up my day with your smile that is so bright,
    Thanks to you we might not even require the stars at night.
    Cause the stars are right there into your eyes,
    Mom fell in love with them, is definitely no surprise.
    You are the most handsome man I have ever met,
    With a heart just as amazing, Daddy you are so perfect.

Father's Day Poem - You are always there

  • Father's Day Without You Is like Music

    Father's Day without you is like music
    Muted by a distance undisturbed.
    It is so faint I cannot tell the feeling,
    Though I myself am gripped with pensive sorrow.

    I listen all the more for what I cannot
    Hear, and you are somewhere close beside me.
    "It's joy!" you say, and then I nod, unbending,
    Listening still while weeping like fine rain.

    Yes, it's joy, and you again are with me.
    I turn to you, and I am in your arms.
    The music is a rhapsody around me,
    And I am safe again and free to cry.

    It is so beautiful, I cannot stand it,
    I am a torrent, shaking in my gladness,
    And you recede, as distant as the music,
    Smiling dimly far across the plain.

    "Please, please!" I say, yet know that what I'm asking
    No longer is. Your day will come and go,
    And I will crave and fear its restless turning
    Because my happiness must be my pain.

    ~ by Nicholas Gordon
  • Children need a Daddy

    Children need a Daddy
    For many, many things:
    Like holding them high off the ground
    Where the sunlight sings!

    Like being the deep music
    That tells them all is right
    When they awaken frantic with
    The terrors of the night.

    Like being the great mountain
    That rises in their hearts
    And shows them how they might get home
    When all else falls apart.

    Like giving them the love
    That is their sea and air,
    So diving deep or soaring high
    They'll always find him there.

    ~ by Nicholas Gordon
  • Labor Of Love

    A ready made family was by chance
    By our labor of love romance
    A husband, a father, a friend
    In this great life that has no end
    'Tis but a journey; this circle of life
    The joys of children and of wife
    With stories told, you watched them play
    From winters snow to summers day
    With their coats and trousers hung on a hook
    Their pockets bulging out fat at the seem
    A marble, a comb, a map, a pocketbook
    Shared treasures of a little boys dream
    The shoes of a Father you do fill
    Not for fame or fortune; Only your goodwill
    With guidance and love they see all you do
    The little child in themselves is in you too
    As the hours, days, years go by
    On your loving ways we do rely
    In this great circle of life
    A husband, a Father ,A friend
    Our love for you knows no end.

    By Julie Atwood
  • Happy Father's Day

    A Dad is a person
    who is loving and kind,
    And often he knows
    what you have on your mind.
    He's someone who listens,
    suggests, and defends.
    A dad can be one
    of your very best friends!
    He's proud of your triumphs,
    but when things go wrong,
    A dad can be patient
    and helpful and strong
    In all that you do,
    a dad's love plays a part.
    There's always a place for him
    deep in your heart.
    And each year that passes,
    you're even more glad,
    More grateful and proud
    just to call him your dad!
    Thank you, Dad...
    for listening and caring,
    for giving and sharing,
    but, especially, for just being you!
    Happy Father's Day.

Dad You Are My World, Fathers Day Poem Cards

  • A Father's Love - A Poem (Dedicated to God, Our Heavenly Father)

    Love so true, a father gives

    his children are, forever his.

    From cradle, into adulthood

    gives shelter, in the deepest flood.

    His arm, embraces you so tender

    for love so true, will always render.

    Compassion, in his loving eyes

    Forgiveness, from the heart inside.

    The strictest measure, he will place

    conduct his home, with all his grace.

    Respect his person, dearest child

    Your father always, by your side.
    By Maria Wells-Burr
  • When the Angel of the lord
    took my Father away

    He stood alone upon a hill
    as the clouds burst with fury
    drenching him.
    His mind was shook but very clear
    of the reason he was standing here,
    His farther died the other day
    and he wanted to be as close to heaven
    as he could be.

    A light appeared in the darkened sky
    bringing hope to him as he stood by.
    An angel came down from up above
    To give him hope for the ones he loved
    Your father has a place up here
    he softly said as he disappeared.

    Now I know that he's at rest
    I can plan my life as he knew best.
    But I'll never forget that rainy day
    When the Angel of the lord
    took my Father away.
    By Alan Robert Brown, UK

Happy Fathers Day wish card

  • Play With Me

    © 1989 Warren Throckmorton

    Theres a magic moment sent down from the sky.
    Descending so stealthily, it almost passes me by.
    It may be in the morning or the late afternoon,
    Or sometime after midnight, when the cow jumps over the moon.

    Come, play with me.
    Your presence is requested at a banquet for a bear.
    The giraffe and the tiger insist you be there.
    Please, hurry daddy, the tea is getting cold.
    And you are getting old.
    Come stay with me, play with me, daddy, please. . .

    She brightens me with sunshine twinkling from her eyes.
    She captures me with silence and playful long good-byes.
    Its see you later alligator, after while crocodile.
    Watch my special cartwheel, lets be buddies for a while.

    And come, play with me.
    Your presence is requested at a banquet for a bear.
    The giraffe and the tiger insist you be there.
    Please, hurry daddy, the tea is getting cold.
    And you are getting old.
    Come stay with me, play with me, daddy, please. . .
  • Strength from My Dad

    Little I knew,what dreams to dream...
    But an inner urge always pushed me...
    to break free....the strong frontier...
    To build my nest....far or near...
    My inner light caught the auburn highlights...
    Of my intricate subconscious far-sight...
    The pillar of my "dad" caught me...
    there i Indian student Aussie...
    A speeding child careened passed me...
    As I take a leap of the University...
    thoughtless ...ignorant...and cruel remarks came...
    there i stood...but ..not drained in shame...
    The tough gritty..strikingly beautiful place...
    with its soaring buildings and ornate bridges....
    the vast parks were quiet and still.....
    the whole neighbourhood touched in emerald hill....
    No din and rickshaw tinkling....
    no girlfriend winking....
    I stood alone in my Indian outfit...
    My eyes moistened...with undaunted spirit...
    I walked through the foyer...with its high ceiling and mosaic...
    The wooden door stained...with panel of cloudy glass..
    struggling to change the world's perception...
    with persistent patience ...I still stand amass....
    my courage,my will,my zeal...
    my fist and inner fury....
    made me win the battle..i fought at length....
    I stand the Sanctuary...............
    By Indranil Halder

father's day poem card showing father holding his children in his arm