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Tribute to Father!

"Honor your father and your mother that you may have a long life..."
~ (Exodus 20:12; cf Deut. 5:16)

It may surely be said that Father's Day was not established keeping in mind this divine assurance of longevity. Celebrated first on June 19, 1910 due to the tireless efforts of Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, of Spokane, Washington, the tradition of Father's Day festivities has changed a lot since, save for the fact that the basic purpose of observing it remains the same, to pay a tribute to the man whose selfless love, care and sacrifice makes us what we are. For this great figure in our life that we know as father - it becomes our utmost duty to pay our humblest tribute on the occasion of Father's Day. This Father's Day, TheHolidaySpot offers to be your guide and suggest you on how to pay a nice tribute to your papa and make this occasion a special one for her. Scroll down and go over our heartwarming article on Father's Day tribute. If you like it, click here to refer it to all your friends and acquaintances. Let in them all in your Father's Day celebrations. A Happy Dad's Day to you (and your pop) from TheHolidaySpot family.

Tribute to Dad

Thinking hard on how to pay a perfect tribute to your dad? TheHolidaySpot recommends some small steps that would help you pay your dad an ideal Father's Day homage. These will help you to get closer to your daddy and strengthen the affectionate bond between the two of you.
  • Many families start Father's Day celebrations with a breakfast treat to dad. If you have not done it already, it would be a great idea to incorporate it into your Pop Day festivities this year onwards.
    On the big day, get up in the morning before he does, sneak into the kitchen, prepare your dad's favorite dish and give him a surprise. If you are young of age, you will do well to get a little help from your mom. For daughters especially, there is no better way to please dad than to cook for him a sumptuous Father's Day meal. A Father's Day breakfast can consist of anything your dad likes. If you are cooking for the first time, do not try something that needs a lot of preparation and culinary skill. Rather, make it light and simple.

  • When he has finished his breakfast, you can hand over a pretty greetings card to your daddy dear. You can either buy, or handcraft one for the occasion. A Father's Day card will start the day on a nice note, for you as well as for him. You can add a beautiful rose to it. It would be best if the text of your card is in the form of a song or a poem. As children, we often take the love and affection of our parents for granted and treat them rudely, in an insensitive way. Sometime or other, you must have behaved like that with your dad? This is your chance to make amends to him. Have your card apologize to him on your behalf for all your past misdeeds and thank him for all the pains he has taken for you right from the day you were born. As soon as he has finished reading it, give him a bear hug and plant a big kiss on his cheek. Even if you're no longer the little kid that you used to be, it won't be a problem. It'll bring back to his mind the memory of those happy-ol'-days when you were in diapers and often threw your arms around his neck.

  • Present him with a bouquet of flowers. It is the easiest, most inexpensive and probably the best way to convey to your dad all your feelings for him.

  • If possible, let your old man chill out for a day. Try to serve him by performing all his chores for one day. If there are some pending works for him in the form of unpaid bills, shopping or even fixing an appliance at home, you can do it for him. These are small gestures that speak volumes about your care and concern for daddy.

  • If you have plans to make your celebrations a grand affair and can afford the expenses, send your pop off to a resort on his own or with friends. If you want to celebrate the day at home, prepare a nice recipe for her (one that she likes) in the afternoon/evening and give her a treat. Daughters would find it a great idea to cook their daddy's favorite dishes on this occasion. And this way you can also make your mom happy by letting her stay away from kitchen from sometime which will save some of her time so that she can give a relaxed company to daddy.

  • If cooking is not your forte, take him to a first-class restaurant in the evening and order a table for two. Set the day aside just for him and go out for a quiet lunch or dinner. Choose a place he has fond memories of, if you can arrange it. Order his favorite dish and give him a treat.

  • When he has finished his supper, hand over to him a gift that suits his taste. Watch a big smile light up his face. But don't just present your gift with a formal "Happy Father's Day". Whatever it is - a tie, a camera, fancy gadgets or even a plain shirt, hand it over to him with a smile and words like "Here's to the one who has made what I am". He is sure going to appreciate the gesture.

  • Post dinner, take him to a favorite haunt, any place that was frequented by you with him in your childhood (say a park, your school, a former residence or a street). Re-live the memory of those golden olden days when his big hand held your little fingers to protect you from the big bad world. It's sure to make him nostalgic, making him wonder how soon you have grown up.

  • Culminate your Father's Day celebrations by handing over to him anything that you have been proud to achieve (say a trophy, a medal or a certificate). Dedicate it to him and say that it is he, not you, who has acquired it.
Things to remember:
  • Fighting with your dad is strictly prohibited on Father's Day. A quarrel or any disagreement with your dad is the last thing that you would like to have on this day. Even if you disagree with him on some point, restrain yourself, for a quarrel on Father's day will spoil the entire occasion for both of you.

  • Your Dad's Day celebrations should be planned and executed keeping in mind his preferences, not yours. The idea of celebrating Father's Day is to make fathers feel special, loved and cared for. So, who's the boss then?

  • Plan ahead of the big day. Choose and collect flowers and gifts from beforehand. Reserve a couple of seats at your preferred restaurant ahead of your celebrations on the big day. This will ensure a smooth run of all your plans on the big day, just as you want it to be.

  • As for the gift, get him something that he'll cherish. Stay away from presenting him with utility clothes or gifts that take a lot of effort to assemble. Giving a present to dad does not mean that you have to buy expensive gifts for him. Even a well chosen, inexpensive item can do if it expresses the feelings of your heart. Hence, spend some time and thought in choosing the right gift that will suit his tastes. A well thought-out gift will make your dad remember the day every time he uses it. Before buying something for him, see what is it that he has been in need of lately? If you can afford it, buy it for him and present. It will be a present for him to cherish that will also be of practicable use.

  • Last but not the least, be sincere in your celebrations of this day. Remember, for all his adorable scolding and affectionate punishments you owe a big thanks to Dad, the man who loves and cares for you like none other. Father's Day is your golden opportunity to pay a tribute to him. Consider yourself fortunate to have got the chance to pay a tribute to that special person who cared less of his pains to let you rise. How many can have it?
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