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Father's Day Celebration Ideas

Father’s Day is the day dedicated to all the daddies on Earth. It’s the day when every child showers their respective fathers with love, care and as well with some special gifts. Check out the suggestions below which TheHolidaySpot provides you with, following which you are sure to enthral your Dad at its best. Suggested are which applying which you can surely make this special day worth remembering. So do go through the steps and make sure you leave no stone unturned to celebrate this day to its utmost.

One of the most important persons in life of a child is definitely his/her father. He is the one who is responsible for bringing his child on the earth. The father actually helps his child to grow and select the appropriate path to go ahead through. Hence, the celebration of the father’s day should continue with fun and excitement. It’s the occasion to show your respect to your father. But, are you running out of celebration ideas for father’s day? We are going to give you few tips for celebrating the occasion with pomp and show. Gear up for the celebration along with TheHolidaySpot.

Throw a Party:

The first and foremost thing to start the celebration is to throw a party. But, make sureFather's Day Party that your father likes it. It’s summer. Try to get most out of summer. Throw the party right beside a lake. Arrange chairs and tables. Place them on the banks of the lake. Guests, who want, should cherish the opportunity of swimming in the lake. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be served and kept in a basket on each and every table. Facilities of a fascinating buffet would be just perfect for a summer party on father’s day.

Arrange a Picnic:

Traveling to a remote place for a startling picnic along with your fatherFather and Son at picnic and family members would be an enticing experience for all of you. Away from the hustle and bustle of mundane city life, spending some quality time along with your loved ones would bring a broad smile on everyone’s face. It would be a different experience all together. It would also throw a strong message to your father that how much you actually care about him and your family. The relation between you and your father is always very precious. It’s not a bad idea, hence, to let your father know on this finicky occasion of father’s day that he is very close to your heart.

Long Drive:

If your father loves to go for a long drive, then celebrate the day with your father going out of the city on your car. A long drive to the countryside would truly be a nice gift to your father. Carry some nice foods of your father’s choice alongside. Take rest for sometime at a place which is far away from the city and is located amidst wonderful natural surrounds. Come back when it is dark.

Book a dinner table:

Pick the best restaurant of your town. The ambiance of the restaurant should be admired and liked by your father. A quiet spot with nice melodious music, playing at the background would just be perfect for a candle light dinner with your father. Ask other family members to come alongside as well if your father wishes. Top most priority on the day is your father. So, make sure that you don’t end up doing something which is not liked by him.

Let’s go out for a movie:

It’s possible that your father is not a movie freak but he doesn’t mind to go out for a movie along with you once in a while. Ask your father beforehand, if he wishes, then go at a theatre which is a long time favorite place for your father. If your father likes a lot to go for a movie, then buy tickets for him. Give your father a surprise. Enjoy the movie together with soft drinks and a small basket full of popcorns. Come back home after savoring the tastes of local cuisines at a lovely roadside restaurant.

Call up few of his good friends at home:

Collect the names of some of the very good friends of your father. Call them up at your home for his birthday celebration at night. He would be surprised for sure when his friends and their families come to his place with some lovely gifts to celebrate the occasion that comes once every year.

Dad’s Day out:

You must know by now the choices of your father. If he likes to cook, then give him the opportunity to cook it for all of you. Otherwise, make sure that he does what he likes the most on that special day. Take him to his favorite golf course. Spend an entire day playing golf with your father. It would for sure be a day to remember for a long time.

Daddy's Day Dinner:

Make this Father’s Day a special and memorable day for your father. Arrange for some surprising activities which your Dad otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. Arrange for a Special Daddy's Day Dinner and do things the way they suit the occasion perfect. Here's a perfect guidance which can actually help you to enchant your Dad and make him feel special. Get started with laying the table. Choose the linen - the shade and material, that matches the mood.

a) Daddy loves it for sure. Present the napkin cloth in a smart way. Like, this napkin roll with decorative pockets. Click here to do it yourself.


b) Lay a basket cake as a Dad's Day special. Urge your dad to take the honor of slicing it. Click Here for the instructions to prepare one.

basket cake

c) Place a bowl of fresh roses, or, an all-rose, table centerpiece. This will highlight the theme and add a charming effect to the whole setting.


d) Arrange the flatware in pairs around the main china so the plate lies at the center.

dinner plate

e) Fill the table with the pleasant glow of a glass bowl of candles. Fill half the bowl with clean sand and add pretty shells for an exquisite effect. Click here to do it yourself.

bowl of candles

d) For an elaborate dining, have it made up of a three-course meal:

  • Keep the first course fairly simple. Just opt for prime quality ingredients and serve them with style.

    main course strawberries
  • Serve lightly spiced curries, along with the main course.

    lightly spiced curries

  • Serve him a glass full of rich rose mousse as a dessert. While the color and perfume of rose come in sync with the theme, the mousse is yummy and nutritious. We have the recipe for you, ready!

e) At the end make sure the set up looks gorgeous with your dad at the hub of all activities.

dinner table decoration

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