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Crafts and Activities for Father's Day

Father's Day is a lovely occasion to show you can also do something special for him. So, fully exploit the occasion to tell your dad how special he's been to you. And use your creative bent of mind to express your feelings with a personal touch. He will love it for sure.

For instance:
photo frame Homemade Photo Frame Craft
Make a photo frame to keep a photograph which stores one of your best moments, spent with your father.
spectacles holder Spectacles Holder Craft
Boost your creativity at home by making a lovely spectacles holder for your father.
fragrant soap Fragrant Soap Craft
Give your very own touch to the hassle-free fragrant soap craft.
business card holder Business Card Holder
Give the required shape to a business card holder to make your father’s job easier.
pencil holder craft Pencil Holder Craft
A perfect gift for your father is a pencil holder craft. These instructions would assist you in making this craft.
Gift Pouch for dad Gift Pouch
How's about making for your dad, a gift pouch of love?
Napkin with decorative pockets Napkin with decorative pockets
At the dinner table present the napkin in a great decorative style that fits your dad's taste and temperament.
Bowl of glowing candles Bowl of glowing candles
Also set a bowl of glowing candles on the dining table.

Well, there is virtually no special craft tailor made for the Dad Special Day. Anything will suit the occasion if you put your heart into it. So use your imagination to show your creativity, and, at the same time, love for your dad.

Top 8 Fathers Day Craft Ideas (Video)
Surprise Dad with an easy-to-make crafts.

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