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Tips to Surprise Dad

Father's Day is one of the greatest American holidays that has now come to be celebrated in various nations across the world. It is the occassion to give your dad joy for the fact that he is your father and you rejoice being his child. Most of us like to make this day a memorable one for our dad and look for ways to give him a nice surprise during the occassion. If you happen to be on the same side, TheHolidaySpot has here for you some wonderful tips to let you provide your papa with a nice surprise on Father's Day. Check out these tips to surprise dad and if you find them useful, click here and share the article with your friends and dear ones. Wish you a happy Father's Day!

Go over these nice little ideas and give your dad a wonderful surprise on this Father's Day!

Father's day surprise party ideas

Throw A Father's Day Surprise Party

A surprise party works best to honor dad as well as astonish him, if you can keep the preparations well under wraps. It is best to include only close family members in your guest list. Send out the invitations about 2-3 weeks in advance with instructions that the guests keep the thing a secret. Set up a time for them to arrive at the party and stess on the fact that they should arrive before your dad comes back from work and also instruct them where they should park their vehicles.

Start the decorations only after your dad leaves for work in the morning. Beautify the party area with balloons, streamers and a huge Happy Father’s Day banner. Arrange a food table in one side of the party zone and lay out the snacks in a way that makes them easily accessible for your guests. Order a cake or buy one personally with instructions to have "Happy Father's Day" written on it followed by your dad's name. Keep it in the freezer till your dad comes. As the guests arrive, let them in fast and make sure none of them can be seen through the windows or doors when your dad comes. As dad enters the party zone, have all of the guests yell, "surprise."

Surprise Him with a special gift

A gift that your dad expects the least from you, can give him a good surprise. If your dad loves sports, you can buy tickets to his favorite sporting event and give him as a gift. If you have the budget, buy him a brand new cellphone. Preferably, a business phone like a Blackberry if he is a busy person. You can also go for cheap but useful gifts such as a webcam that come in as low a price tag as $29.00. If your dad surfs the net too often, it will enable him to get in touch with his friends in "real time". All he needs then is to download software such as Yahoo messenger or Skype, get a screen name and plug into the usb port. You can do this for your dad and show him the way.

Do His Chores

Father's Day is to give your dad a little joy and are we not all happy when we find our workload reduced? Take up some his jobs and let your dad rest a little. Mow the grass in the lawn for him or make a trip to the grocery store and buy the items needed in the house. Wash his car, scrub the exterior and vacuum the interior. Fill the tank using some bucks out of your own pocket. Buy his medicines before he does and hand them to him. Your dad will love this gesture and you will be surprised at what an immense pleasure and satisfaction it gives you to be of help to him.

A Musical Surprise

If you are good at playing some musical instrument, you can play dad's favourite songs yourself and give him a nice musical surprise. If you have a good voice, you can record the songs he likes in your own voice, make a CD and gift it to him to listen to. You can also write a song dedicated to him and add it to the list for further effect.

Prepare His Favourite Dishes

Father's Day is the perfect time to cook up some real delicacies for your papa. Bake a cake or cookies, prepare a smoothie, cook a brunch recipe, the whole breakfast menu or even one item for dinner to give your papa a nice Father's Day treat. It will make the occassion so much flavorful for him as well as for you.

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