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Business Card Holder for Father's Day

Making of Business Card Holder

Materials needed:

1) Popsicle sticks - 11.
2) A pair of scissors.
3) Green craft paint.
4) Hot glue gun.
5) Woodsies, paint, pom-poms, etc. (for decoration).
6) Waxed paper/plastic bag (to protect working surface).


1) Place a a piece of waxed paper or a plastic bag over your work surface to keep it safe.
2) Lay three popsicle sticks flat, side to side, adjacent to each other.
3) Attach the three sticks together with glue to make the front portion of the card holder.
4) Place two popsicle sticks flat next to each other and fix them with glue as before, but to make the base of the holder this time.
5) Lay four popsicle sticks flat next to each other as before and glue them together to make the back of the business card holder.
6) Cut 1 1/4" off of the top and bottom of two popsicle sticks for the sides of the card holder.
7) Place two long edges together, side to side. Glue these together.
8) Follow the same process with other two ends for the other side of the card holder.
9) Glue the front to the base at a right angle.
10) Glue the back to the base at a right angle, thus forming a U-shaped figure.
11) Glue the right and left sides to the base, front, and back of the card holder.
12) You have finished constructing the framework of the actual card holder. Allow it some time to dry.
13) Paint the business card holder and decorate it with items like woodsies, glitters, pom-poms or anything you like.
14) Put it on your dad's desk and watch his surprise. Fold the sides under to the back to form a neat rectangle.

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