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Homemade Photo Frame Craft

Ideas for making of Homemade Photo Frame

Materials needed:

1) Pink construction paper - 1 sheet.
2) A CD case.
3) Hot glue gun.
4) A photograph of your daddy.
5) A pair of scissors.
6) A blade.


1) Cut two square pieces out of the construction paper that will fit into the CD case.
2) Cut a smaller square out of the center of one of the square cut-outs with the blade you have.
3) Stick the photo in the hole with glue.
4) Pour a little glue on all four corners of the two square pieces, on the sides that the picture is facing out.
5) Paste the squares on the inner side of the CD case. Close the CD case.
6) Decorate the photo frame with beads, glitters and ribbons. Present it to dad as a Father's Day gift.

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