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Decorative napkin pockets

Ideas for making Decorative Napkin Pockets

Presenting the napkin in an attractive way is a vital part of the dinner. For instance, this napkin role with decorative pockets. This is a smart design to suit your dad and also the occasion. Use the pocket for decoration. Tuck in a stemmed rose bud, a sprig of herbs or perhaps a small gift.

step 1
Fold the napkin into quarters,
making sure that all the open cornersare
at the top right hand side.Roll the top layer
back diagonally towards you as far as it will go.

step 2
Press the roll to form a thin band.

step 3
Bring the second layer back and tuck the corner
behind the first band until the folded edge
forms a parallel band the same width as the first.

step 4
Repeat the process with the third layer.

napkin with decorative pockets
Fold the sides under to the back to form a neat rectangle.

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