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Spectacles Holder

Ideas for making Spectacles Holder

Materials needed:

1) Your dad's spectacles.
2) A square piece of Imitation Leather (of 8" dimension).
3) A 2 Yards long Rat-tail Satin Cord.
4) Gold Paint Marker.
5) 1/8" Hole Punch.
6) A pair of scissors.
7) Tacky Glue.


1) Trace the pattern of your dad's spectacles onto the reverse side of the imitation leather. Cut it out.
2) Mark holes on the back of the imitation leather piece using a pen/pencil.
3) Punch holes out of the marked regions.
4) Apply tacky glue onto the ends of the cord. Let it dry to harden the ends.
5) Fold imitation leather piece exactly from the middle.
6) Tie a knot on the inside bottom by the fold to begin lacing.
7) Whip stitch case in half along the bottom and up the side.
8) At the top curve, stitch only through one side of the case.
9) When you reach the fold double back along the other side of the case.
10) Tie off when you arrive at the side.
11) Pour a little glue on the knots and allow it some time to dry.
12) Trim close to knot.
13) Using gold paint marker, draw a flower pattern or any other shape you like on the corner of the case. Let the shape dry.
14) Tuck your dad's glasses into the holder and present him with this useful gift.

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