Readymade Father's Day Wishes

Father's Day is the time to wish dad in as best ways as possible. But most of us are not too good with words and that is why, TheHolidaySpot has provided you with some cool Father's Day wishes that you can please your dad with. Use these cute little messages in your greeting cards/e-cards/gift cards for dad and wish him a "Happy Father's Day". If you like our readymade Father's Day wishes, do not forget to click here and pass this page on to your friends sp that they can benefit from it too. Celebrate a grand Father's Day!
Make your dad feel special with these nice collection of readymade Father's Day wishes.

Here's a great hug
Lots of kisses too
And a lovely wish...
Happy Fathers Day to you!
This was how I wanted to tell you
In my own sweet, special way,
That you mean the world to me dad
Wish you a Happy Fathers Day.
We may not be on the same page
We may not be on the same line
But I'm always yours daddy
As you are mine...
Happy Fathers Day!
None has a father so sweet
None has a father so great
Dad, it's time I wish you
For it's again that lovely date
To Say...
A Happy Fathers Day!
A box of happiness
And a heart filled with wishes
A whole lot of love
And plenty of hugs 'n kisses...
Happy Fathers Day Dad!
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