When is Fathers Day in 2013

In 1966, it was officially proclaimed as an annual event to be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of every June. Father's Day has since been observed annually and each passing year has witnessed more and more countries joining into the celebrations and observing the holiday enthusiastically. The date of Father's Day celebration, however, differs from nation to nation. Go through the article below and check out on which date Fathers Day is going to be observed in various countries in 2013. If you like "When is Fathers Day in 2013", click here and pass this article on to your friends to provide them with the chance to be informed about the dates of Father's Day celebrations in advance. TheHolidaySpot wishes you a happy Father's Day!
When is Fathers Day in 2013?
Country Date
Australia 1st September
Canada 16th June
China 16th June
Finland 3rd November
France 16th June
Germany 9th May
Greece 16th June
Hong Kong 16th June
Iceland 3rd November
India 16th June
Italy 19th March
New Zealand 1st September
Norway 3rd November
Pakistan 16th June
Russia 23rd February
Singapore 16th June
South Africa 16th June
Spain 19th March
Sri Lanka 16th June
Sweden 3rd November
Switzerland 16th June
Thailand 5th December
Turkey 16th June
UK 16th June
USA 16th June
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