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Father's Day Poem Videos

Fathers are like banyan trees, they protect their children with love and sincerity. They are the roots of every family. Each and every child is treated and pampered by their fathers. The sacrifices made by a father to nurture the relationship of a father and child are unexplainable. To pay tributes to all the fathers of the world TheHolidaySpot has collected some classic and contemporary poems on father’s day. These videos would assist all of you to get an insight into these poems. Wish your father a very happy father’s day with these poem videos.

Poem Vodeos

Video-1 : Fathers Day Poems From Kids
Take a look how a father always holds the hand of his child and helps him/ her to go ahead in life.
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Video-2 : Father's Day Poem - To Dad
This poem is a lesson for all of you who want to say “I love you” to your father.
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Video-3 : Father's Day Poem From Baby Girl
Watch the video to see how a little girl expresses herself.
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Video-4 : Father's day Poem "A Year Gone By"
The expressive words of Mike Hamill would help you to realize and comprehend the importance of your father.
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Video-5 : In loving memory poem for dad - Not Just A Father
Your father works day in and day out to make a smooth path for you in life. The touching words of this poem have truly been expressed by this video.
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Video-6 : Fathers Day Poems From Kids
This father’s day poem-video is a tribute to your father.
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