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Happy Fathers Day Quotes From Wife To Husband

Wish your husband this Father's Day, the person who has been with you, supported you, and helped you raise a wonderful family. The man, who has silently sacrificed his personal desires, to meet the needs of the family, without battling an eyelid.

It is you who understands him the most, and these quotes will help bring out your most internal thoughts and appreciation you have for him. So just scroll down and read the quotes, take your pick, and shower him with your love and appreciation.

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day Quotes for Husband

1) We are a cool family, and you are the reason! Happy Father's Day!

2) Discovering the Dad in you has made me love you even more!

3) I am thankful to God for sharing my life, love, and children with a MAN like you.

4) My kids call you daddy, and I totally love it!

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5) You are the man of my heart, my children's father and I am your woman. Totally love it! Happy Father's Day!!

6) Your children look up to you and admire you. You are a complete father. Thanks for being in my life. Happy Father's Day!

7) I know this will spoil you: Everyday, I wake up with a very handsome and complete man beside me, the man I cherish, being with. Not to mention, you are also a terrific father! Happy Father's Day sweetheart!!

8) Seeing the father in you, has me fall in love with you again, and this time it is even more than before! Stay this way hubby! Happy Father's Day!

9) With you, life is a wonderful cocktail of love, fun, peace, tranquillity and adventure. You are a true superstar. Happy Dad's Day hubby!

10) You are a complete man! You make me happy! You make the kids happy. You're a great father and husband, and a great family man. God has been kind. Love you, Happy Father's Day!

11) It's your day, but life smiles at me and at our kids, due to you being there. Happy Father's Day my love!

12) You have been such a great influence and teacher to our children, much more than I could ever be.
I never get tired of watching you, shaping our children, instilling the values and life teaching in them.
You're simply a great father and I love you for being there for us, taking our tantrums! Happy Father's Day Husband!

13) Dear partner in life, my husband, and the father of my kids, you are of supreme value to me. I want to thank you on your special day, for taking us through this wonderful experience of life and raising a family. You will remain my soul mate forever. Happy Father's Day my love!

14) Our lives are intertwined together in love, our children are basked in love. Love that oozes out from you in ample dozes. You are Mr. Right for me! Happy Dad's Day!!

15) Its futile for you to be any better, cause there cannot be any improvement over perfection. Happy Dad's Day to the perfect dad!!

16) The Man of life, Happy Father's Day!! Now come and give me a hug!

17) Now I know what you meant when you said that there is a tool for everything ;-) Happy Father's Day to the family engineer!! You are perfect!

18) Kids missing you so dearly when you are away is the proof to the fact that you have been such a great father. Happy Father's Day love!

19) You have taken an herculean effort to support and make our family better. You have been tireless in being a partner, friend and guide to our children. Thank you for being such a great, dedicated father. Happy Father's Day!

20) You are our ironman, you are our kid's best hero. They learn life from you, and you have been just GREAT! Just be as you are, my love, nothing can be better than this. Happy Father's Day!

21) The dividends I am got from the investment of our marriage, has far exceeded my expectations, and they keep surprising me. You are the true performer, handling every problem with ease. Cheers to your fatherhood!

22) Do you really need a place to stay? Our kids and myself have already encased you in our hearts! Happy Father's Day!!

23) Earlier, I thought our kids to be angels. But now I know, it is you, who is the angel of our lives. It is you, who will protect us, nurture us, and take us through this wonderful roller coaster ride of this life! Congratulations on your day!!

24) Please do not change yourself. You are a great husband, great father, and great companion to be with. Thankful to have you in our lives. Happy Father's Day love!

25) Your humor irritates me, but I cannot live without them. All is so quiet without you. Even the kids stop being themselves. You are the man who gives all the positive vives and energy to us. Thank you darling. Happy Father's Day!!

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26. I loved the young man, whom I married. Now I love another man more, the father of our children. Happy Father's Day, to the man in my life!!

27. You are the rock sheltering us from troubles of life, the soft cushion when we need comfort. You are a true person, a wonderful father, and a loving hubby. You have earned everything yourself. We all deeply appreciate your efforts. Happy Father's Day!!

28. You have sacrificed so much of your personal likings since the time you have become a father, so that we could get as much as possible. We may not tell you, but we see your sacrifices. May God be with you, my love. Happy Father's Day!!
Please go fishing now :-)

29. There have been storms in life, but we had an eagle, who would soar up above the storms, taking us with him. Happy Father's Day our eagle!!

30. Only one thing can beat the fact that you are my husband. It is, you are the father of my children! Happy Father's Day sweetheart!!

31. You have made me a complete woman, transforming me from a shy young girl, to a confident and responsible mother. Thank you husband, for choosing me as your wife. Happy Father's Day!!

32. Whenever there is trouble, we say to ourselves: keep clam, daddy is here! You are our everything!! Happy Dad's Day!!

33. Your deep effort for our family may go unnoticed most of the times, but that does not change the fact that you are the keystone of our family, the driving force, the lifeblood. Thanks for gifting us such a wonderful family. Happy Father's Day!

34. Thank you for opening my tight jar lids :-) Happy Father's Day!!

35. The more I see you interacting with our kids, the more lucky I feel to have you. Happy Dad's Day hubby!

36. Life has been good to us, it has given us a lovely house, wonderful kids and love for each other. Life has been exceptionally good to me though, it has given me you! Happy Father's Day love!

37. Every Father's Day, I love you more, for the wonderful father in you, that keeps getting better and better. Happy Father's Day!!

38. I love you as my kid's father, because you have proven to be a great example to them, and they love following you, yet being themselves. Happy Dad's Day to the most balanced person on earth.

39. Whenever you embrace me, all my worries go away. And now, you have the same effect on my kids. Happy Dad's Day my love. You are the best!!

40. You have always sacrificed your personal desires for us. This Father's Day, we request you to pursue your personal desires too. Go fishing, camping, riding, or whatever your heart wants. Don't worry, we are always with you.

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